New Regional Roasts from Dallmayr

2014_Dallmayr_Granverde  2014_Dallmayr_Neiva2014_Dallmayr_Kilimanjaro

We are very excited about 3 new coffees from Dallmayr just in! Dallmayr has created these roasts from 100% Arabica beans. The coffees are also UTZ Certified. Through UTZ certification programs, farmers learn sustainable farming methods, experience improved working conditions and are able to take better care of the environment.

Try Dallmayr Granverde, an organic ground coffee blend from Latin America. The coffee has a delicate nutty taste with a soft finish.

Dallmayr Neiva is grown in the coffee belt of Columbia. A single-origin coffee, this medium roast is spicy, with a fresh taste and citrus notes.

Finally, Dallmayr Kilimanjaro is a single-origin coffee from Tanzania. These unique beans are grown at the foot of the mountain, giving the coffee a balanced flavor with a light floral note.

All of these earn high marks for aroma, too, so try any or all of them for a true international coffee experience!