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We are always looking for the best teas from the top companies; Chinese teas are top of the line. We now carry 2 new brands of Chinese tea: Temple of Heaven and Tea King. When we enjoy Chinese tea, we are reminded of the legend of the Chinese emperor who discovered tea while traveling. Legend has it that around 2700 BC, the emperor, who dabbled in herbal medicine, preferred to have his water boiled before he drank it. While stopping to rest, water was set to boil. Somehow a leaf from a wild tea bush blew into the water. The emperor tried the drink, found it refreshing, and thus tea was created. Of course, the history of Chinese tea is long and complicated, rich with traditions, craftsmanship and even a bit of mythology. So we will tell you about our new Chinese teas – we are sure you will want to try them!

Temple of Heaven produces Gunpowder Green Tea, one of the most popular types of green tea in China. The tea gets its name from the appearance of the rolled and dried tea leaves, tiny dark pellets similar to the appearance of gunpowder. Green tea, as well as Oolong tea, are rolled into the tight pellets after being picked and withered, allowing them to retain more flavor and aroma while avoiding leaf breakage. Some of the highest grades of tea are rolled by hand even today. When the tea steeps, the pellets unroll, which delivers a soft, golden brew with a hint of smoke. We have this tea in 2 sizes.

The Tea King Tea range has 4 tea blends. We have green tea in bags and loose in a tin, Oolong tea in bags and Litchi Black and Aged Pu Erh available loose in tins. All of these teas are aromatic and special in their own way. (Read more about the spectacular Pu Erh below.)  We love them so much, we want you to try them.  Get 10% off Chinese Teas on*

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