Rediscover Our British Teas

Our selection of premium teas includes all the best teas from the United Kingdom. Here are some reminders why these brands are best in class.

2014_London Fruit and Herb Co London Fruit & Herb Company Teas have a long history of blending and flavoring tea with delicious fruits and spices, without added sugar, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Once an apothecary, the company grew into a tea enterprise that produces teas and infusions using the best ingredients. Try one of the naturally sweet infusions such as Strawberry & Vanilla Fool or Peach Paradise. If you prefer green tea, you will love these London tea blends: Green Tea & Peach, with sweet fruity notes; Green Tea & Jasmine, with its intense flowery aroma; Green Tea & Blackcurrant, with berry notes and Green Tea & Orange, with a refreshing flavor.

Ahmad Tea is based in London. This family business was founded with the strongest commitment to quality, producing tea sold and enjoyed around the world. From their herbal teas such as Lemon and Ginger Tea (perfect for the season) to their classic teas loose or in tins – think Earl Grey, Darjeeling and Afternoon tea – to their Special Blend Tea, you will always enjoy the best tea Ahmad has to offer.

Ridgways Tea’s history includes being the royal tea supplier, from blending a personal tea for Queen Victoria (sold until 2011) to being King G2014_Ridgways Teaeorge VI’s personal tea purveyor. Ridgways produces their teas committed to Fairtrade standards. Try Ridgways Earl Grey tea for a balanced tea or Pure Peppermint Infusion for the strongest and most flavorful blend of cool and clean tastes.