Cat Cafes Are SO 2014

2015_Dog yawning with coffee pourYou may recall seeing a couple news bits about coffee shops that have cats for the patrons to pet and cuddle.  They are very popular in several cities around the world. But what about dog lovers? An American woman who used to live in Korea, where she volunteered at a private animal shelter, wondered the same thing. She saw the dogs there being allowed to roam freely in the shelters, which is less stressful for the animals. That sparked the idea to open a café in this country that prepared and served food to patrons while providing a clean space for the dogs to live, including kennels for overnight.

The goal is to take the dogs out of shelters, allow them to be re-housed at the café and then find a new owner (or a new owner find them). This is an expensive enterprise, so a crowdfunding site is helping to raise the $200K needed.