Lavazza: Quality is Built, Not Controlled

Lavazza coffee is known as “Italy’s Favorite Coffee” for many reasons. Lavazza holds almost 50% of the retail market share in Italy, employs nearly 4000 employees, runs four plants in Italy (plus one in India), and is responsible for 17 billion cups of coffee drunk yearly worldwide. The company has been run by the Lavazza family, now with the fourth generation since the company was founded in 1895. By 2016, a new company headquarters will be open in Turin. At, we appreciate the quality and care that goes into making Lavazza coffee. That makes us even more excited to announce a new whole bean products from Lavazza. We’ve had these in ground, which have always been popular. Now we have Caffe Espresso, Qualita Oro and Qualita Rossa in 2.2lb/kg beans. Here is more on some of our favorite Lavazza roasts:

Lavazza Caffe Espresso has the best aroma and taste for a real espresso experience. This coffee can be made in a moka pot, a machine or a French press. Lavazza recommends Caffe Espresso for “long coffee” (coffee made with a longer extraction time, which delivers even more flavor and nuance). We have whole beans in 2.2lb/1kg bags and ground (a new release) in 8oz/227g cans.

Lavazza Qualita Oro is a sweet coffee, with intense flavor. We have it in ground also.

Lavazza Qualita Rossa is a popular blend that is perfect for breakfast, with a strong and full-bodied taste and feel. We have whole beans in 2.2lb/1kg bags and in ground too.
2015_Lavazza Caffe Espresso      2015_Lavazza Qualita Oro       2015_Lavazza Qualita Rossa
Whole beans, just ground before using, make fresh and flavorful coffee. We have these Lavazza roasts in whole beans too:

Lavazza Gran Crema Espresso is a rich and intense blend of Arabica beans from South America and Asia, delivering a velvety crema.

Lavazza Gran Crema E Aroma delivers a creamy and aromatic coffee with a long-lasting crema.

Lavazza Gran Aroma Bar is coffee with a velvety and delicate texture.

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Coffee In A Sippy Cup?

Happy ChildA two-year old walks into a café and orders a red-eye. Sounds like the start of a joke, right? Turns out, maybe it’s not so funny after researchers at Boston Medical Center found that 15 percent of toddlers drink one to four ounces of coffee a day. In the study, more than 2 percent of 1-year-olds were given coffee. The study looked at infant weight gain and diet with 315 mothers and infants in the Boston area. It is possible that this trend is related to cultural experiences as the study found that Hispanic mothers were more likely to give infants and toddlers the beverage (think Manny on ‘Modern Family’). Earlier studies found children in Australia, Cambodia and Ethiopia sometimes drink coffee too.

Jacobs Coffee – Always a Favorite!

2015_Jacobs Cup and steam

Jacobs coffee, one of our favorites here, started back in 1895 in Germany. Several decades later, the successful coffee company merged with a Swiss chocolate company, then later bought by Brach’s Candy in 1987. Today, Kraft Foods owns and markets Jacobs coffee, having done so since 1990. Jacobs coffee is popular all over the world, but in particular across Europe.

Jacobs leading premium coffee is Kronung, which means coronation in German. It is known for its aromatic qualities. Many folks discover it while visiting or living in Germany, then must have it back in the states. Jacobs consistently gets high marks in online reviews for its taste, described as smooth and mellow. Even better is the price. This premium coffee is priced so economically, you can drink it every day!

Jacobs Kronung recently introduced a new espresso that we have in 8.8oz/250g ground packs. Like all Jacobs coffees, this blend is a perfect combination of beans roasted to enhance their flavors resulting in a unique taste, smooth texture and a beautiful crema.

We have Jacobs coffee in ground, whole beans and instant. Their most popular blend, Krönung (labeled as Monarch in some countries), comes in a Mild version too. For a quick coffee break during the day give their gourmet instant coffees Krönung or Cronat Gold a try.

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Douwe Egberts In The News

2015_DE UTZ cup image

In 2015 Douwe Egberts Will Buy 25% Sustainably Certified Coffee Worldwide

Douwe Egberts has always been a leader in buying sustainable, certified coffee. By 2012, UTZ Certified coffee was found in more than 6 billion cups. About 30% of Douwe Egberts coffee in the Netherlands was certified, compared to 16% worldwide. This coming year, at least 25% of all the coffee that Douwe Egberts buys across the globe will be sustainably certified. Along with their environmentally-friendly packaging, which is lighter and uses recycled materials, Douwe Egberts hits all the marks on the sustainability score card.

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Get Douwe Egberts Coffee Today!

2015_DE Value Point Coupons image

Douwe Egberts is a company known for having great coffee while actively working for environmental sustainability. You may also know that they are often at the cutting edge of marketing for their products too. (Remember the coffee machine at the airport that you could earn a free coffee when you stood in front of it and yawned?) You may not know, though, that in Holland today, Douwe Egberts coffee comes with a label marked with ‘value points’ that savers can use to get gifts. (For Americans, think Green Stamps and in the U.K. they are known as Green Shield Stamps, but it’s the same basic idea.) Sadly, the point system is not available with our Douwe Egberts coffee or redeemable in the United States.

Douwe Egberts launched the gift system with value points in 1924 as a way to build brand loyalty. The labels are worth points that when collected and totaled, could be redeemed for gifts. The point system still exists and is actually the oldest active value points system in the country. In the great Dutch tradition of helping, regional volunteers from schools and shops collect the labels in order to redeem them for coffee that is then donated to local food banks. Late last year, a Lions Club organization collected more than 800,000 points, the most ever from one organization. This allowed for the purchase of 1665 packs of Douwe Egberts coffee for the food bank. Nationally, the collection effort resulted in almost 60 million coffee points, which overall accounts for 120,000 packs of coffee to food banks across the Netherlands.

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