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Lavazza is Italy’s favorite espresso, commanding almost half of the retail coffee market in Italy. The company started in 1895 when Luigi Lavazza purchased a small grocery store in Turin, in the north of Italy. At the turn of the century, grocers purchased raw coffee, then roasted and blended the beans according to customer requests. Luigi expertly developed his skill in creating coffee blends and in roasting techniques. The business quickly expanded to include the wholesale market. He had his 3 sons join the firm and by 1927, that grocery store had grown into a specialized coffee production enterprise.

Lavazza introduced the first vacuum-packed ground coffee and was the first to promote coffee “blends”. The firm would eventually build and run 4 plants in Italy. By the end of the 1980’s Lavazza had subsidiaries in Europe, Great Britain and the United States. An additional factory in India was recently brought online. Today, Lavazza is served in 90 countries worldwide, with 17 billion cups of Lavazza coffee consumed annually. Next year, Lavazza will christen a new headquarters in Turin. Because 2015 is the company’s 120th anniversary, the family has created a special blend to celebrate. (Read more below on this distinctive roast!)

Lavazza coffee drinkers describe the excellent crema, which as you know is the foam at the top of espresso. Devoted espresso lovers look to the crema to determine the freshness of the coffee and how well the flavor has been extracted from the beans. Lavazza has an intense flavor and aroma. We want you to try it, so we are offering 10% off Lavazza products on*

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Women had unique roles in the centuries-old coffee culture of Germany. Surprised?

Consider the earliest days of coffee, when European coffee houses were opening in the 17th century. Most coffee houses did not allow women to sit inside, particularly true in England, where the rules were very strict. But in Germany, women frequented the coffee houses, for both coffee and social connections with other women. Talk about being ahead of their time! Occasionally, men protested the women and the “gossiping”, but the women prevailed. ‘Kaffeeklatsch’ – literally meaning coffee + gossip -became a common term by the 19th century.

Another important woman from the time is written about in the Kaffeekantate, which we have written about here before. This cantata is a comical composition written by JS Bach about a woman who needs to drink coffee at least 3 times a day. Her father worries that she will never find a man to marry because of it! She is clever enough to decide that any marriage will include that she be allowed to have her coffee.

But the real heroine in the German history of coffee is Melitta Bentz. This woman lived in Dresden, and she wanted a more efficient way to make coffee at home. At the time, early 1900’s, coffee drinkers at home would either choose Turkish coffee that is made with grounds at the bottom of the cup or you could strain the grounds through a cloth. This straining method worked, but was messy and time-consuming. Melitta took a piece of paper from her son’s school book, pressed it inside a small metal pot in which she had punctured holes and the first drip coffee maker was born! She had it patented in 1908 as the “Filter Top Device Lined with Filter Paper.” As you probably know, she went on to create a company that still exists today to sell this product.

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