Lavazza Coffee In The Spotlight (And Get 10% off When You Buy)

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Lavazza is one of the top coffee companies in Italy, and in fact, in many countries around the world. The founder of the brand, Luigi Lavazza, first started blending coffee to create the best flavors and aromas, one of the earliest coffee artisans. His desire to be the best has always been at the heart of Lavazza through the years. The attention to the quality of the product combined with openness to new technology (modernizing the roasting plant and innovative packaging keeping the coffee fresh) really does reflect their motto that “Quality is not controlled. Quality is built.”

In fact, Lavazza’s dedication to quality led to the opening of the Lavazza Training Center. This central component of the business provides education and experience with the coffee culture of Italy. Students learn the art of preparing Italian coffee while ensuring the process works best to highlight the beans.

The Center has two units: The Coffee Design lab and the Espresso School. When the Espresso School bell rings, you will find high school and college students, baristas, coffee sales reps, journalists and business leaders in the coffee industry studying practical and theoretical ideas in many aspects of coffee culture. From plant botany to coffee extraction systems to espresso machines and grinders to recipes and tastings, students learn the world of coffee and the world of Lavazza.

The Coffee Design unit focuses on food design as applied to coffee. Talk about innovation – this entire field didn’t even exist until just a few years ago. The Coffee Design lab experiments and creates with espresso-based beverages. Think new flavor pairings, syrups, milk textures and experimental preparation and serving devices. The team in this lab supplies food and 2015_Lavazza coffee popsbeverages for the restaurant/bakery/wine cellar and two coffee shops run by Lavazza. Perhaps you recall the cookie cup we wrote about earlier this year. That was a product of the Coffee Design lab. Some of their creations include Cremespresso (a coffee smoothie of sorts), coffee popcorn (popcorn dusted with sugar and ground Turkish coffee) and coffee lollipops.

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