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Everyone knows that the Netherlands are a perfect spot for summer vacation. There are canals, boats, museums, history and stunning architecture all around.

But did you know that Europe’s first permanent space exhibition is in the Netherlands? The Space Expo, which doubles as the visitors’ center for the European Space Agency, has plenty of hands-on experiences. Visitors can see what it was like for the first men on the Moon; experience a simulated launch of a rocket; get up close and personal with test models of European space satellites and learn about how astronauts live and work in space. The complex is found in Noordwijk, a town in the west of the Netherlands. The coastal town is steeped in history as well as being the heart of the bulb-growing region. The beaches, thirteen kilometers in all, get high marks for being alongside restaurants and cafes. The town also hosts many events and festivals during the summer.

2015_Space Expo
We love to write about the Netherlands as it has been the home of Douwe Egberts for more than 260 years.

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