Segafredo Is Italian Espresso

Consider this: 50 million cups of Segafredo espresso are drunk every day.

That is not a statistic. It’s just good taste.

Segafredo Coffee is part of a larger coffee company, The Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, which owns more than 20 consumer brands. This Italy-based company sells 120,000 tons of coffee, an estimated $1.2 billion per year, making the group the largest private coffee company in the coffee world. With a coffee plantation and processing plant in Brazil, more than 10 roasting plants and hundreds of Segafredo Espresso cafes around the globe, the group is responsible for some of the most delicious coffee available today.

Not surprisingly, Segafredo is one of the most popular coffees, in part because of their dedication to constant research and innovation in coffee production. In addition to all their consumer coffee products, the company also has a robust Food Service line of products, for commercial and office use. In fact, on the commercial side, Segafredo espresso capsules are international best sellers. Massimo whole bean coffee and Segafredo Extra Strong are found in restaurants and offices worldwide. We have these and more as part of the Segafredo range available.

For home preparation, Segafredo Intermezzo and Espresso Casa coffees are two of our best sellers. The Intermezzo coffee has authentic Italian flavor through its mix of Arabica and Robusta beans. The flavor is relatively strong, with spicy notes, good structure and a full aroma. With medium crema, Intermezzo is perfect for espresso. The Espresso Casa is a balanced dark roast, with good crema and also perfect for espresso. Both have slightly higher caffeine content. We have both roasts in stock, in ground and whole bean.

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