Dallmayr: Smooth Coffee For Anytime

2015_Dallmayr shop with porc

The Dallmayr Delicatessen, in Munich Germany, began as a food store in the 1700’s. The shop had a history of innovation while supporting a large number of royal and noble households during the early 1900’s. By this time, the daily delicatessen business was managed by the owner’s widow, employing more than 70 people by 1912. She and her family lived on a large estate that provided many supplies for the store. When the Dallmayr coffee brand launched in 1933, the store had an on-site electric roaster which was a new device for preparing the beans. Another interesting idea at the store was storing the coffee beans in hand-painted porcelain containers (from Nymphenburg, an exclusive porcelain manufacturer well-known in Germany even today).

Fast forward to the present and the shop is still open at the same location (built in 1950), offering over 6000 different products, along with sandwiches and salads. It is still a family business. Coffee and food are still served on Nymphenburg porcelain. And Dallmayr continues to remain a premium brand in Germany.

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