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Germans, Americans and the French certainly drink a lot of coffee. These 3 countries are responsible for almost 65 percent of the total coffee consumed in the entire world.

Germany doesn’t grow coffee beans, but some of the finest and established roasters are based in Germany. Sure, Frederick the Great banned coffee in Germany in 1777 (he thought his subjects were spending too much money on it), recommending beer instead. It turns out that his citizens loved the cafes and the conversation too much for Frederick to stop that custom.

In Germany, when you have the coffee and the family or friends with which to chat, you need one last vital element: cake. Known as a Kaffee and Kuchen Klatsch (chatting with coffee and cake), this late afternoon break has many Germans visiting friends or cafes to drink, eat and enjoy. Nowadays, this occasion is observed less regularly, but still happen on holidays, birthdays and Sundays.

Kaffee and Kuchen is served using proper china and cutlery. There are many cakes to be bought (some estimates suggest more than 300 types of cakes are sold in German bakeries), plus the ones from family recipes. Some of the most popular of the cakes available are:

–Bienenstich (“bee’s sting,” cake with honey and almonds)
–Kasekuchen (cheesecakes)
–Obsttorte (fruit cakes)
–Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte (Black Forest cake with layers of chocolate cake, whipped cream, cherries and a splash of liquor, usually kirsch made from cherries)
–Blutennusskranz (Hazelnut Crown (Bundt) cake)
–Baumkuchen (“tree cake” or spit cake)

BTW, that last one is really a cake. It is made from batter applied in layers onto a tapered cylindrical rotating spit and baked on an open fire. When sliced, the rings resemble tree rings, thus the name.

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