Fair Trade Coffee: What Does It Mean?

The phrase ‘fair trade’ is thrown about quite a bit. When we use the phrase in talking about coffee, we are referring to coffee that is certified as having been produced under fair trade standards.

In coffee-growing regions, smaller family farmers in the area are often secluded, without access to cash or credit. In the past, these growers were forced to accept whatever was offered for their harvest (usually a fraction of the coffee’s worth). Organizations moved into these regions to work within the coffee production chain, to implement and ensure certified processes are followed. Growers partner with the packers, importers and distributors, adhering to specific rules in the production process.

Fair trade also puts restrictions on child labor and pesticide use, while guaranteeing farmers a minimum price for their coffee. As a result, farmers can earn better incomes while improving their lives and their land. There is still much more to be accomplished in the fair trade arena. We at www.EnjoyBetterCoffee.com support what these organizations are doing today and are proud to sell coffee with these certifications.

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