Name The Great Coffee Company From The Netherlands: Douwe Egberts, Of Course!

2015_Amsterdam Houses

We enjoy writing about the Netherlands because of the great cities, the canals, the diverse artistic community, the beaches and the tourism experiences, to name just a few. The Netherlands is also home to Douwe Egberts, a coffee company with more than 250 years of experience.

Since we write about the region so often, we thought you might enjoy a bit of trivia about the Netherlands. So grab a cup of Douwe Egberts, and jump in. You’ll find the answers printed before the coffee news section below.

1. What is the name of the largest museum in Amsterdam, which is home to many Rembrandt paintings?

2. What flower is always associated to the Netherlands?

3. What is Koninginnedag and why was it different in 2015?

4. What Dutch artist died 125 years ago? How old was he when he died?

5. What popular brand of beer is Dutch?

6. Why is orange the national color?

7. The Netherlands exports many types of cheeses. Which cheese comprises 55 percent of the total annual production?

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