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Cyber Monday Starts Now

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2015_Happy Thanksgiving coffee

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Scandinavian Coffee at

2015_Scandinavian coffees at EBC

Would you be surprised to know that Scandinavians are some of the most passionate coffee drinkers in the world? Sure, more coffee is consumed in volume by coffee drinkers in Brazil and America, but Scandinavia is one of the top in terms of per-capita consumption. You may be even more surprised to learn that Scandinavia produces more than licorice and textiles. They know how to roast coffee. “Scandinavian style” is unique.

We have 3 brands of coffee from Scandinavia: Arvid Nordquist, Löfbergs Lila and Paulig. All began as family businesses well over 100 years ago and still are leaders in the Scandinavian market today.

Arvid Nordquist opened a small shop in Stockholm, Sweden in 1884. Today they are a leading company in premium coffee, food and wine products. Arvid Nordquist uses 100% Arabica beans. We have 3 roasts in ground: Medium roast, Extra Dark roast and Gran Dia roast, which is a medium/dark coffee, full-bodied with notes of flowers and nuts.

Löfbergs Lila started in Sweden by 3 brothers in 1906. Today, it is one of the largest coffee roasters in the Nordic countries. The company also owns a tea company and sponsors a Swedish hockey team and an Arena. Löfbergs Lila coffee is always made with 100% Arabica beans; we have 3 flavorful roasts in ground: Medium roast (delicious!), Jubilee, celebrating the company’s birthday, is rich with sweet tones and Kharisma, which is dark, intense, nutty with subtle fruit notes.

Paulig was started by a German immigrant in 1876 in Helsinki, Finland. In 1904, Gustav Paulig opened the first coffee roasting business in Finland at the turn of the 20th century. Today the international Paulig Group considers Paulig coffee to be their flagship coffee operation. We have two roasts: Juhla Mokka in ground is a special blend, with a strong flavor and Presidentti in ground, a rich coffee with the best flavor.

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Ahmad Tea: The World’s Most Exclusive Tea

2015_Ahmad Tea London Bridge

Ahmad Tea is a family business renowned worldwide for the quality of its teas. Founded on a passion for tea and the special place that tea-drinking has in our lives, Ahmad Tea produces the highest-quality premium teas, blended with perfection and years of tasting experience. From the plantations and partners involved at the start to the creative and beautiful packaging of Ahmad Teas, the entire process reflects the company’s commitment to quality. To ensure the extremely high standards of every Ahmad Tea blend, more than 600 cups of tea are carefully tasted each day.

Currently managed by the 4th generation of its founding family, the company continues its mission to make exceptional teas that can be enjoyed every day for an affordable price.

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Feeling Good With Douwe Egberts at

2015_DE Holland In Fall Canal

We Gotta Feeling…

In Holland, the Dutch have a term that many say is really about what the Dutch culture is all about, and it is not a term easily translated. The word is gezelligheid, and depending on context, can mean a variety of things. On one level, it can mean fun, cozy, quaint or nice in regards to a place, person or event (a gezellig party, a fun party; a gezellig room, an inviting room). The word also suggests a feeling, that of time spent with loved ones, of belonging, of being together. (Gezel means friend.) Some would say connectedness is the core of gezelligheid. And, some might even say there are degrees of connectedness: You are at a party with friends, that is gezellig. The music playing in the background is touching your soul, so now it is more gezellig. The colors around you are also influencing you, so you are having a pretty full gezellig experience!

We aren’t doing the word justice, but then it is considered untranslatable. But we do know that this feeling of belonging is very important and cherished in Holland. And, what better time of year to find gezelligheid and experience the world in a gezellig way!

Enjoy some delicious Douwe Egberts coffee cozy up as you spend time with friends and family – and hopefully, you get a few minutes to yourself (which can be gezellig too!).

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2015_Dallmayr Nespresso Capsules Line


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