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2015_DE Holland In Fall Canal

We Gotta Feeling…

In Holland, the Dutch have a term that many say is really about what the Dutch culture is all about, and it is not a term easily translated. The word is gezelligheid, and depending on context, can mean a variety of things. On one level, it can mean fun, cozy, quaint or nice in regards to a place, person or event (a gezellig party, a fun party; a gezellig room, an inviting room). The word also suggests a feeling, that of time spent with loved ones, of belonging, of being together. (Gezel means friend.) Some would say connectedness is the core of gezelligheid. And, some might even say there are degrees of connectedness: You are at a party with friends, that is gezellig. The music playing in the background is touching your soul, so now it is more gezellig. The colors around you are also influencing you, so you are having a pretty full gezellig experience!

We aren’t doing the word justice, but then it is considered untranslatable. But we do know that this feeling of belonging is very important and cherished in Holland. And, what better time of year to find gezelligheid and experience the world in a gezellig way!

Enjoy some delicious Douwe Egberts coffee cozy up as you spend time with friends and family – and hopefully, you get a few minutes to yourself (which can be gezellig too!).

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