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Would you be surprised to know that Scandinavians drink a lot of coffee? It turns out, in fact, that per capita, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland are all in the top 10 list of heavy coffee drinking countries, and have been for the last couple of years.

So of course, coffee is important in Scandinavia, and it’s not just for breakfast!

If you’re in Sweden, then you must take a coffee break. Known as fika, it is used as both a noun and a verb to indicate that you sit down, take a break, enjoy a cup of coffee and a sweet treat. Always a very social event, office workers may refer to the breakroom as the ‘fika room’ and people gather a couple times a day. Cafes are also a way of life in Sweden. While the Swedes prefer classic black drip coffee, many homes use a French press.

In Finland, you start the day drinking coffee, typically a light-roasted coffee drunk with a bit of milk, no sugar. The Finnish love their kahvi, as shown in novels, paintings and essay from early last century. Perhaps the hot drink is so popular because they live in a cold country and need to drink for warmth. Maybe it’s just that coffee breaks the ice. (Literally and figuratively!)

We have 3 brands of coffee from Scandinavia: Arvid Nordquist, Lofbergs Lila and Paulig. All began as family businesses well over 100 years ago and still are leaders in the Scandinavian market today.

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