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ESPRESSO   /e’spres ō/

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noun (plural espressos)

Strong black coffee made by forcing steam through ground coffee beans.


1940s, from the Italian (caffe) espresso, literally “pressed out (coffee)”

(Oxford Dictionary, 2016)

Espresso is a very concentrated shot of coffee that is a result of forcing nearly boiling water through finely ground coffee. Early espresso machines used steam pressure to force the water through the grounds. Today there are many different methods of extracting espresso, from manual and automatic machines to stovetop espresso makers (Moka pots)

As the water blasts through the coffee, all the flavor, oils, sugars and proteins are released and dissolved in the liquid. The resulting mixture, while small in volume, is slightly thick, with a very strong, rich flavor. Gently resting on top is the crema (foam), which can indicate the quality of the espresso. Traditionally, espresso is served in a small, porcelain cup, alone or with any number of add-ins and toppings: cream, liquor, warm milk, chocolate – the list is endless. The extracted shot can also be used in many other coffee drinks, such as lattes and cappuccinos.

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