White Gold Season

2016_white asparagus egg ham potato

Last month, we wrote about King’s Day, a big spring celebration for his Majesty in the Netherlands. Another special event in spring in the Netherlands is the search for “white gold.” No, this is not some special milky coffee. We are talking about white asparagus, often called the Queen of vegetables.

The southernmost province of the Netherlands is Limburg, a key region throughout history of the area because of its borders to Germany and Belgium. Limburg is a culinary centerpiece: The area is warmer than other parts of the Netherlands; the province has many great restaurants and cozy cafes and, this is where the best asparagus is grown and eaten! The season is short, but at the end of April, everyone is excited about the arrival of the first asparagus. White asparagus grows under the ground, unlike green asparagus. They are planted in beds covered with plastic to control temperature and the color. As soon as the tips peek above ground, the delicacies must be harvested.

Limburg offers many “Asparagus Routes” so you can explore the fields and farms and then enjoy a lunch or dinner with the vegetable at a good restaurant. BTW, ham and eggs are perfect complements to white asparagus. Served with delicious Douwe Egberts coffee, you have a traditional Dutch meal!

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