Talking Coffee with Marco Lavazza

2016_Lavazza Marco

Marco Lavazza is the next generation of the Lavazza coffee family, both an heir and Vice Chairman of the empire. Recently, he spoke with a men’s fashion and lifestyle blog about the business, the family and plans for the future.

Marco described traveling outside of Italy for the company for business. Going through Customs in other countries, he is of course asked why he is there.


“What do you do?”


That is when they ask “Are you related to the Lavazza coffee family?”

He goes on to explain that while it may not be obvious a family is behind the company, it is the family bond that has always been important. “There wouldn’t be Lavazza without family.”

As a company, Lavazza has partnered with a men’s clothing line in the UK, with NASA (for the coffee machine sent for the International Space Station), with chefs and with Wimbledon and Australian tennis. With over 2500 people working in the business, Marco feels the responsibility of leading an international company. “You have to be careful of what you’re doing. It’s not just fun.” Lavazza has always invested in research to find something new and different to delight coffee drinkers.

And the secret to a perfect cup of coffee? “Passion and tradition…in what we do and what we’ve done for 120 years. Just coffee.”

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