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Across Italy, the traditions of St. Nicholas Day include not just the days during the first week of December, but also three days in early May. St. Nicholas, San Nicola as he is known, is the patron saint of several cities, including Bari and Sassari, where young brides-to-be are given gifts in December. Children write letters to St. Nicholas asking for gifts. If the children have been good, they will receive treats from St. Nicholas. For the naughty ones, “charcoal” is given, which are really sweets made especially with dark-colored sugar.  St. Nicholas is not just a holiday tradition. He is also the patron saint of children, sailors, charity, and travelers.

Any tradition in Italy includes enjoying the best coffee and espresso available. We appreciate the traditions of 3 of our favorite Italian roasters: Lavazza, Segafredo and Kimbo. Read more about them below. In the meantime, buy any of these brands and we will give you 15% off your order with no minimum order.*

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We Have Traditional Italian Coffee

Lavazza “There’s More To Taste”

Lavazza is one of Italy’s favorite coffees, with more than forty percent of the retail market. Begun in 1895, the company is still owned by the Lavazza family four generations later. Today, the company holds sixth place in sales in the global coffee industry. We offer a wide range of Lavazza coffee, including ground and whole bean coffee.

Segafredo “The Most Authentic Coffee”

Segafredo is a leading espresso producer, with more than 70,000 clients drinking 50 million cups of espresso every day. As part of the Massimo Zanetti Company, their mission is to spread the taste, culture and preparation of real Italian espresso. How have they done that? By making coffee guaranteed from the plant to the cup, quality shines in every sip.

Kimbo “It’s From Naples Where Espresso Is A Passion”

Kimbo is another great company steeped in the traditions of Italian coffee. The Rubino Brothers founded Kimbo in 1963, after years of owning and running Café do Brasil. Holding second place in the retail Italian coffee market, Kimbo is dedicated to traditional Neapolitan roasting techniques, high-quality beans and constantly-improving