2017: All the Best with Douwe Egberts (And a sweet deal)


The Netherlands has long been a supporter and promoter of the arts, and this year will be no different. Celebrating 100 years of a Dutch art movement, De Stijl (aka Neoplasticism), the arts community will honor the style in events and exhibitions throughout Holland in 2017, which has been named Mondrian to Dutch Design.

The art style, using simple lines and primary colors, was the avant-garde style in the first decade of the 20th century. Piet Mondrian (1872 – 1944) was one of a small number of Dutch artists, and one of the best-known internationally, pioneering this new way of looking at art and life. Mondrian wrote papers and a book and he designed buildings based on the artistic school of thought.

The De Stijl influence on architecture was strong and still inspires designers and artists today. Mondrian eventually disagreed with the group over the use of diagonal lines in art and ended up going his own way.

This year, cities critical in the movement will be showcasing their best work inspired by the style, from Mondrian’s birthplace in Amersfoort, to Leiden, where the movement launched in 1917, to the north and to Gelderland, where there are abundant examples of the style. Museums across the country will showcase the group’s paintings.

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