A Brief Visit To Italy Plus A Deal on Real Italian Coffee

A tour of Italy would include some of its major cities. As it happens, many of those cities, especially ports along the sea, are the cradles of the business of coffee roasting, packaging and delivery.  EnjoyBetterCoffee.com wants to take you on a quick trip to a few iconic Italian coffee cities!

In today’s virtual tour, let’s begin in Turin, a city in northwest Italy. Awash with art galleries, restaurants, churches, public squares and castle gardens, parts of the city have been assigned to the World Heritage List because of their historical significance. The city was the first capital of unified Italy. More importantly, for us, In 1895, Luigi Lavazza started a small grocery store, which became a coffee shop, and which still exists today. Lavazza coffee continues to be managed by another generation of Lavazza family members. Lavazza is one of our 3 Italian roasters in this week’s discount. Read down for more information on a special deal we have with Lavazza whole beans.

Continuing our tour, we head south along the western coast of Italy, through Pisa and Rome, and ending in Naples. One of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, Naples is also the home of Kimbo since the 1960s. Decimated by bombing in WWII, the city has undergone reconstruction efforts to include a thriving business district, advanced mass transportation infrastructures and low unemployment. Naples is known for pizza, spaghetti, gelato and, our favorite, coffee. The espresso machine, and the Moka pot were both developed in the area. Kimbo is considered on the cutting-edge of technology, from using vacuum-packed cans to store and sell coffee, to supplying cafés and coffee shops with real coffee to get the word out. Kimbo is the second ranked retailer in the Italian market for packed coffee, and still holds that position today. Read down for our recommendations on Kimbo coffee.

Our third and final stop for today is Treviso, Italy. We saved time by heading north from Naples, to the east coast on the Adriatic Sea, up through Venice and into its western neighbor, Treviso. This smaller city is home to Benetton, the original production of Prosecco wine and another Italian favorite coffee, Segafredo. Run by the Massimo Zanetti coffee empire, the espresso producer has grown into a leading producer in Italy and around the world. Driven by the goal to share the taste, culture and preparation of true Italian espresso, today, Segafredo is drunk at a rate of 50 million cups daily. Read down for our recommendations on Segafredo coffee.

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Lavazza Is Italian Espresso

One of the best ways to enjoy fresh, delicious coffee is to make the coffee with whole beans. We have these Lavazza whole beans for a steal! And, yes, you can use the above discount!
Lavazza Super Crema is a 60/40 Arabica/Robusta blend. Mild, medium-bodied espresso with a good crema, this coffee is perfect anytime.

Lavazza Gran Espresso is also a 60/40 blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. Medium-bodied, this blend has a spicy, mildly pungent aroma perfect for morning or evening.

Lavazza Top Class Espresso is a 50/50 blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. Full-bodied, rich with an excellent crema, its full, sweet aroma all work together to make a perfect espresso blend. It tastes great with milk too, should you be so inclined.

Lavazza Gran Aroma Bar is a 60/40 blend, dark roast, with a velvety texture and delicate flavor. The beans, from Brazil, make the best espresso-based coffee drinks.

Segafredo Knows Quality


We have a range of Segafredo coffee that includes whole beans, decaf and ground. Segafredo coffee is available in pods and capsules for Segafredo espresso machines. Segafredo Intermezzo coffee has authentic Italian coffee flavor. The 60/40 Arabica/Robusta blend is strong, rich and distinctive. Segafredo Intermezzo comes in whole beans and ground.

Kimbo Selects The Finest Beans KIMBO Logo

Let us suggest Kimbo Extra Cream Espresso whole beans. This 50/50 blend is a medium coffee, dense crema, slightly sweet flavor and would make the perfect cappuccinos and lattes. We also have Kimbo in capsules for Nespresso and in variety packs for a quick pick-me-up.

We know you will not be disappointed by any of these great Italian brands. Use the above discount, and order today!  Shop here:  www.EnjoyBetterCoffe.com