Nordic People Are Happiest; You’ll Be Too With An Extra Day For Our Weekly Sale

Who are the happiest people on the planet? People living in the Scandinavian part of the world have a lot of cheer, according to the World Happiness Report, for 2017, released last week. Interestingly, these countries have often been in the top 10 section of the list since the annual report’s inception in 2012. This year, all the Nordic countries scored high, from Norway in first place, then Denmark (2), Iceland (3), Finland (5) and Sweden (10). (Scandinavia = Norway, Sweden, Denmark; Nordic includes other countries such as the 2 above.)  The report is generated from massive amounts of data including both subjective and objective measurements in areas of caring, freedom, generosity, honesty, health, income and good governance. Happiness is a factor considered to be a measure of social progress.

We think those countries have a lot to be happy about, and that includes delicious coffee from Sweden and Finland. Below we highlight our best roasts from three iconic Nordic brands:




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Holland or Netherlands? Both Know Coffee!

[Another in our series on great coffee places.]

Recently, we heard some people talking about visiting Holland. After hearing more, we realized what they really meant was that they were traveling to the Netherlands.

Some people refer to the country of the Netherlands as “Holland” but that is not accurate.

Holland, to the Dutch, refers to the 2 provinces of North- and South-Holland (highlighted in orange, the country color). The Kingdom of the Netherlands is comprised of 12 provinces, and refers to the entire nation. Although they are used interchangeably, now you know which is which.

We enjoy writing about the Netherlands, because that is where Douwe Egberts began and still exists there more than 260 years later.

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PS – Check out our Pinterest page for our St. Patrick’s Day ideas for eating and drinking to celebrate the green!

German Coffee: The Best at

This week we give you another chapter in our occasional series on Great European Coffee Cities. Enjoy!

When we talk about German coffee, brands that immediately come to mind are Dallmayr, Jacobs, Tchibo, Eduscho, Davidoff and our newest brands from German coffee producer J.J. Darboven, Eilles Kaffee and IDEE Kaffee.

More than half of these brands are based in Hamburg, Germany, a global trading port on the Elbe River, located about 70 miles from the North Sea. Hamburg has been a coffee capital ever since the first coffee house opened in 1677. By the turn of the 20th century, Hamburg was the largest coffee market in the world. Take a canal boat ride through the warehouse district to view the bridges between the buildings, learn about the history of the massive buildings and the multitudes of goods stored within, right on the water. At the city’s port district, the streets are lined with coffee shops where snacks and hot coffee are served with beautiful views over the water as you watch the cargo ships come and go. Also near the town center is a lake with boats afloat and cafes surrounding the water’s edge.

Drive an hour southwest on Autobahn 1 and stop in Bremen, another great coffee city in Germany, and where two of these German brands are based. Bremen is a major port on the Weser River. (The North Sea is less than 40 miles north of the city.) Many companies are based in this thriving metropolis, from automobiles, the largest industry, to food and beverage, second largest, to aerospace and shipping engineering, wind power and communications. The Market Square, with the Town Hall’s impressive Renaissance architecture on one side and famous historical and fictional characters connected to Bremen depicted in statues, draws tourists year-round.

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