Lavazza, Earth Day and The Earth Defenders at

Lavazza has long been a company that cares about sustainability in the coffee-growing areas of the world. This year, Lavazza celebrates Earth Day (April 22nd) with the release of 2 different documentaries to be shown on Italian television. Both documentaries are connected to the Lavazza annual calendars, which are photographed by famous and well-known artists.

“The Earth Defenders” was the theme of the 2015 Lavazza calendar, highlighting people who work the land in Africa. A documentary with the same name will highlight the photographer and look behind the development of the calendar. “We Are What We Live” is the 2017 Lavazza calendar theme, and the name of the second documentary to be shown, again focusing on the photographer behind the calendar and the work involved creating this annual work of art.
This has been a big year for Lavazza. In addition to these documentaries, the company has opened a new headquarters in Turin, known as the “Cloud” because of its innovative design and being LEED-certified, which means the building meets environmental performance standards. And, just this February, Lavazza announced its new gourmet, coffee-focused restaurant concept, Condividere (“sharing”). The restaurant is slated to open in late 2017 in Turin also.

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