Let’s Fika! (It’s a Coffee and Pastry Break)

Who drinks the most coffee in the world? For 2016, it was the Finns, according to the International Coffee Organization. In Finland, adults drink more than 26 pounds (approximately 78 gallons) of coffee a year. Other northern European countries such as Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden are usually in the top 10 coffee-consuming countries list too.

Perhaps these countries produce delicious coffee because the people like good coffee. Or maybe it is the long, cold winters that spurred the coffee drinking. We can’t say why, but we do know the coffees we have from Sweden and Finland are the epitome of Nordic coffees.

Up for some more unusual and surprising facts about Scandinavia? Read on!

Danish pastry is not from Denmark. It is from Austria. · Sweden’s “Moose Crossing” road signs are apparently the most popular souvenir in Sweden, as many are reported stolen every year.

Finns love a sauna – in fact, they claim to have invented the sauna (as do the Swedes). With over 2 million saunas in the country, that’s one for every 2.5 people.

The Swedish are very inventive. The zipper, the pacemaker and the computer mouse are Swedish. So are Ikea and H&M stores.

Finland is known as the “land of a thousand lakes.” In fact, it has more than 180,000, more lakes in relation to a country’s size than any other country. Finland has one lake for every 26 people.

Norwegians created the World Barista Championships, first held in 2000 in Monaco.

An old Icelandic superstition says drinking piping hot coffee made you ugly and colder coffee made you prettier. Additionally, if you put the cream in your coffee before sugar, you wouldn’t get married for seven years.

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