Coffee vs Espresso: They’re Both Winners! 🏆

Coffee vs Espresso: Caffeine, Preparation and More

Here at, we often talk amongst ourselves about which we prefer: Coffee or Espresso. Of course, we love coffee, so we enjoy both coffee and espresso. But we’ve found that there are many myths about espresso, so we are here to clear them up! Some people think that espresso is just another way of making coffee, and that is true. But it isn’t the entire story.


First, a big difference between coffee and espresso is the preparation method. Coffee can be made in several ways: Drip, pour-over, French Press (one of our favorites), moka pot, Senseo maker, K-cup, cold brew, and a few others. We even know someone who pours hot water into coffee grounds in his cup, and mixes, then drinks, leaving the grounds in the cup. (In some cultures, the grounds are read to divine future information.)

espresso-closeup-cropEspresso, which refers to the way the coffee is made, requires hot water under pressure and some amount of time for extraction. Different espresso machines are made to use a specific temperature of hot water coupled with an extraction time of 20-25 seconds.

Would you be surprised to learn that one of the biggest misconceptions about the difference is the caffeine content? One ounce of espresso has less than 75mg of caffeine, while an 8oz cup of coffee has up to 185 mg (depending on brew method and type of bean used). So a single espresso shot, or a double shot (two ounces) will still likely have less caffeine than a cup of coffee.

man-espresso-cupPart of that perceived difference can also be attributed to the drink size. Two ounces of espresso, known as a double shot, and drunk in a relatively short time as per usual, can make the drinker feel the effects of the caffeine more quickly than a leisurely cup of coffee drunk over several minutes or more. But we assure you, the caffeine is not equivalent.

At, we have coffee, espresso, instant, coffee alternatives (Ricore, Leroux, Cafix) and more! You can search our coffee by the brand’s country, by pods or capsules, and even sustainable and organic coffees. You’ll find these groups under Coffee By Type from our home page.

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One Last Note About Espresso

Espresso became popular at the start of the 20th century in Italy with the development of machines built to make coffee. Espresso bars became a place to meet and socialize. Tiny cups were all the rage. The word espresso is used to describe both a roast of coffee (Espresso Roast) and a method of brewing. Espresso Roast refers to coffee roasted so that it is somewhat darker than traditional American roasts. The espresso roast highlights the bitter-sweetness of the bean while keeping the acidity (the tartness) down, and of course, is great for making espresso.

Coffee In The News

Smoked Espresso Sea Salt Perks Up Dinner

espresso-saltA specialty spice and herb seasoning company, out of California, has created a smoked espresso sea salt that can add a burst of flavor to your meal. The blend uses gourmet Italian roasted espresso powder, along with salt from the Pacific Ocean. It is then smoked low and slow. They recommend using this as a sprinkle on protein shakes or chocolate ice cream, dusting cookies, replacing salt in baked goods, and of course, our favorite, as a marinade or rub for meat. Coffee: Not just for drinking anymore.

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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Fall In Love With Coffee All Over Again With the Brands of Darboven


For the last 150 years, J.J. Darboven has delivered high premium coffee to homes, hotels and restaurants. That’s not just because Darboven was one of the early coffee sellers to send packaged ground coffee to customers through the mail. The company has existed for four generations, with Darboven family members still running this international business today.

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Coffee Tradition and Innovation from J.J. Darboven

IDEE Kaffee, a mild classic coffee, is the flagship product of the company. Prepared using a process developed by scientists to eliminate any undesirable elements from the beans prior to roasting, bitter flavors are reduced. IDEE Kaffee is made with 100% Arabica beans, prepared and gently roasted, which results in a mild coffee that has a higher caffeine content. It is easy on the stomach while still tasting delicious. We have IDEE Kaffee in ground and Gold Express Instant coffee. Both are balanced and aromatic.

Eilles Kaffee, another specialty roaster, is from Germany, and also distributed by J.J. Darboven. Created from a distinctive and special blend of beans grown in the highlands, this coffee has unique flavors with a delicate and mellow taste and aroma. We have Eilles Kaffee Gourmet in ground, whole beans and instant.


From Austria, we have a coffee named after its most famous son, Mozart. Mozart Kaffee is an elegant composition of flavors, notes and aroma. Try Mozart Kaffee Mild, a well-balanced, delicious full-bodied coffee. We also have Mozart Kaffee Intensive coffee in ground and in instant. You’ll enjoy the powerful aroma and taste.

Our final Darboven brand is Movenpick from Switzerland. This coffee is roasted gently and carefully using an original Swiss recipe. Der Himmlische coffee comes in ground and whole bean, taking high-altitude beans from around the world, giving the coffee a wonderful aroma and distinctive taste. Movenpick also makes capsules for the Nespresso machine, ranging from a rich Espresso Ristretto (intensity 10) to Espresso Intenso (intensity 8) to Lungo Crema (7) and up to the lighter Espresso Puro (5). We even have a medium intensity Movenpick Decaffeinato. All of these capsules are available at our already-low prices. With the discount above, it’s a steal!

German Coffee In The News

Start-Up Has Grannys Baking


You read that right! A small company known as “Kuchentratsch” (cake and gossip) has opened a kitchen space to provide local cafes with the best baked goods, ones baked by a grandmother herself, or at least by a cook using her recipe. The idea, developed by a business management graduate, grew out of a desire to enjoy coffee in a café while having cake just like her grandmother makes. Using locals, the kitchen opened for business, promoting interaction among generations and a sense of community. The finished products are delivered by a group of younger staff, who manage the logistics, marketing and accounting. All grandma needs to do is bake!

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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Jumping into 2019 With News From The Netherlands And A Deal

Al Het Beste Voor 2019!

The new year brings new beginnings for some, new habits to learn (or break) for others. But for a special few thousand people in the Netherlands, January 1st means an icy jump in the sea. Well, it’s more like a hard run in, with participants wearing swim suits, costumes, regular clothes, wetsuits, or very little at all.


While many cities and towns hold events that include a jump into icy waters, the really big celebration is at the beachside resort of Scheveningen in the Hague. The tradition goes back to the 1960’s, with a handful of enthusiasts having a go. Through the decades, participants increased in number, and today more than 10,000 run willingly into the frigid North Sea. A local food brand that makes sausage, noodles and soups sponsors the “run” and everyone gets a warm bowl of their split pea soup afterwards. The temps hovered around 45°F this year at the “Nieuwjaarsduik.”

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Like a darker roast? Try Douwe Egberts Mocca Aroma coffee, rich and full, with spice and cocoa notes. We have Mocca Aroma in ground and whole beans. Just a reminder that this Mocca coffee is not the kind of coffee/chocolate drink you order at a café, but instead refers to the type of bean.

We have Douwe Egberts Black, a dark, rich coffee in ground. As one of the brand’s most popular coffees, it’s a top-seller.

If you prefer a lighter coffee, try Douwe Egberts Select Aroma in ground. The Arabica blend is silky, smooth, with very subtle notes of fruit, and a mild flavor.

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In Other News From the Netherlands

honeybeesThe Netherlands has always been on the leading edge of sustainability and conservation, so you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that while the rest of the world’s bee population has been in decline, the honeybee population in the city of Amsterdam has risen 45% in the last 18 years. Green spaces were converted into flowering plant spaces; a ban was placed on pesticides while the community was coached on alternatives to chemicals.

tulip-seasonJanuary also is the official start of tulip season, which runs through April. National Tulip Day is Saturday, January 19th. Dutch tulip growers build a special tulip picking garden at Dam Square in the Amsterdam city center for everyone to pick free tulips.

The Dutch also offer a Postcode Lottery that has been supporting charitable efforts and groups since 1989. This year, the New Year’s Postcode Lottery’s big prize – almost 54 million Euros ($61 million USD) – went to a small village of 1100 residents near Groningen. Prize levels include winnings for the entire village, and prizes to the five homes with the specific postcode (zip code). Fifty percent of lottery revenue is donated to a variety of charities.

And, Finally…

Dutch Cookies Make Comeback

united-stroopwafelsA few years ago, United Airlines began offering stroopwafel cookies, which are thin waffles with a layer of caramel, to economy-class passengers on their flights. The cookie was openly loved by passengers on social media, and many included the tip to warm them atop the cup of coffee or tea for an even better cookie taste! Suddenly, last summer, the airline switched it out for a maple-flavored cookie on the morning domestic flights. Fliers were openly critical on social media. Well, guess what…they are back, for domestic morning flights, but only for the early morning departures.

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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