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Here are some significant numbers for coffee consumption and sales for the last year, per two big coffee organizations: The National Coffee Association and the International Coffee Organization. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and get reading!

Percent of people 60 years and older report having drunk coffee in the previous day.  (NOTE: This demographic is the largest in the four age groups studied; lowest are 18-24 year olds, at 48 percent.)




Million bags of coffee were consumed last year worldwide.



Million cups of coffee are consumed per day in the U.S.





*****65*****    Percent of coffee drinkers prefer to add sugar and/or cream.



Cups of coffee are consumed daily by the average U.S. coffee drinker.





*****9*****          Ounces is the average cup size in the U.S.



Percent of American adults drink specialty coffee beverages daily.




1,800,000,000    Hits are returned when you Google “coffee”. 




Percent of Americans report that making coffee is the most important part of the morning, done before anything other morning duties.




Coffee shops are spread across the U.S.







Is the average price in dollars for a cup of brewed coffee in the U.S.



Whoa! Wait a moment!

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2016_German cityscape with logoWould you be surprised to know that Germans love their coffee more than water (by a bit) and more than beer (by a lot)? As it happens, Germany is the world’s largest retail coffee market after the USA and Brazil. In just a few years (2010 – 2013), coffee consumption nearly doubled in Germany. A well-known international coffee company hired researchers to find out more. The study involved 1000 coffee drinkers from Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Here are some of the significant digits that signal a change in coffee habits in the German home:

* 29 percent of all coffee drinkers proudly display their coffee machines at home.

* Almost the same percent of 18-29 year olds say the coffee machine is a status symbol; only 18 percent of those over 50 consider it so.

* 60 percent say they cannot start the day without coffee.

* 50 percent of all drinkers are willing to spend more money for quality coffee. As many as one-third are interested in coffee specialties from other countries and cultures.

* Almost 30 percent say good business requires good coffee.

Some of the best coffee companies began in Germany. This week, we want to recommend these premium German coffees: Jacobs, Dallmayr, Eduscho, Tchibo and Davidoff. (Read more about these brands below.) We’ll sweeten the deal by giving you 10% off these venerated brands when you order $30 or more at http://www.EnjoyBetterCoffee.com.*

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Not only can we say Merry Christmas in different languages, we have coffees from all those countries too!

Looking for the perfect gift? We have lots of choices here! Read more about our ideas for putting together a collection of inexpensive items – guaranteed to make the recipient merry!

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If you know a true coffee lover – or you just know someone who should enjoy better coffee – then we have the goods!

Get 1-2 bags of whole beans and include an espresso in ground or whole bean (our prices are that good!). Give the coffee with one of our beautiful stovetop Espresso Makers and you’ve upgraded the coffee experience for someone special!

Our favorite way to enjoy coffee is with the French Press, a classic. Add in any coffee and a cup or two, and you have the perfect coffee gift!

For the person who owns (or is getting) a Nespresso machine, we have a wide range of Nespresso-compatible capsules at prices that can’t be beat! We have several great brands of capsules, including Caffe Vergnano, Kimbo, Dallmayr and the beautifully-boxed Davidoff capsules, along with several other brands. We also have capsules for Segafredo Espresso machines.


We have some delicious chocolate options for gifts. Give L’Ancienne Instant Chocolate, made with only 3 ingredients (sugar, cocoa and vanilla), imported from France. Include a Kusmi Spicy Chocolate Tea for a real twist of chocolate. We have Chocolate Butter cookies and Almond Cake with Chocolate to round out the chocolatey goodness.


Offer a virtual tour of a foreign land. Select a coffee or two from Germany, Italy or France. Add a glass or cup and saucer or a French Press or stovetop espresso maker. Throw in a box or two of cookies or other sweets and you have a simple, yet creative and delicious gift created especially for the recipient. Try these combos:

Delicious German coffees, Dallmayr and Jacobs, given with a double walled cup, or two, and a French Press maker.

The Italian coffee experience could include Lavazza, Kimbo, Miscela D’Oro, Segafredo and/or Hausbrandt. Add a matching cup and a package of Mayora Coffee Joy Biscuits and the recipient will think they’ve gone to Rome!

A trip to France should include delicious Carte Noire coffee, a beautiful French Press maker and cake from Biscuiterie De Provence and assorted butter cookies from Pierre Biscuitere.

Know someone who travels often? Give them one of our delicious instant coffees. In Europe, instant coffee has a different flavor profile and is extremely popular. In addition to iconic brands such as Davidoff, Tchibo, Douwe Egbert and Jacobs, we have large and smaller packs of instant coffee, some that include a ceramic mug. We also have instant coffee that already has the milk and sugar added, making it super-convenient.

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(This is our monthly newsletter about the Netherlands in celebration of Douwe Egberts Coffee.)

This month, Santa arrives in the Netherlands not on a sled, but instead sails into Amsterdam down the Amstel River and through the city all the way to the Maritime Museum where Santa is welcomed by the mayor. Close to one-half million people line the canals to see his grand entrance. Sinterklaas arrived in Amsterdam this year on Sunday, November 13.


Sinterklaas, as he is known, then hops onto his white horse and the parade carries on through the streets. A kindly bishop in red robes with a tall, pointed hat, he and his helpers (600 of them) throw cookies and candy to the crowd. The entire gang then arrives at Dam Square to start festivities with a special musical program for the children.

After the concert, Sinterklaas stops at several more town squares, delivering a final special message from a balcony to all the little children at his last stop. No doubt he is reminding them to behave and to put out their shoes the evening of December 5.

Children will leave water and a carrot for his horse that night, and hope to get traditional chocolate letter shapes, chocolate coins and marzipan. This is the main gifting occasion in the Netherlands. Interestingly, the Dutch also celebrate Christmas on December 25th, but it is usually a quieter day with family, often without exchanging any presents.

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2014_Man_Newspaper_EBC logo

Have you heard of Coffee in a cone? How about using used coffee grounds to clean polluted water? Do you know the city deemed best for coffee lovers?

We have all that for you, and more, plus our weekly discount. So much has happened in the news lately involving coffee, so let’s put the coffee on and pour ourselves a cup.

A personal-finance web site just announced its 2016 Best Cities For Coffee Lovers and the top of the list, king of the hill, a-number one, is Portland, OR. Seattle comes in second, followed by Minneapolis, Pittsburgh and Orlando.

Don’t have time to grab a cup of coffee but still want the caffeine boost? You can try a Perk, the world’s first caffeinated bracelet that gives the wearer a boost of energy through their skin over a four-hour period. We wrote about this when the company was first looking to fund their idea. Well, the bracelets are available (similar to an activity band to which a caffeine patch is applied). When asked by news media about the effectiveness of the product, a co-founder stated that since the device is not a medical drug, they are not planning any clinical trials for it.

And speaking of effectiveness, what might make people put down their phones in the car and not use them? In Japan, Toyota is hoping free coffee will do it. As an experiment, the car maker teamed with a telecom company and a coffee shop chain to develop an app that would use the phone’s gyroscope, tilt and distance traveled to determine when the phone is in a car and moving. As long as the phone isn’t tilted as it would while being used, the mileage starts adding up. Every 100km of non-use earns the user a coupon that can be used for a free coffee at the aforementioned chain.

In other news, National Coffee Day was September 29th, but we are still celebrating coffee here! Get 10% off your order of $30 or more at www.EnjoyBetterCoffee.com.*

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Read On For More Coffee In The News…

Grounds for optimism…

Italian researchers have discovered a new use for spent espresso grounds: Filtering heavy metals from polluted water. The author of the study works on a team that develops new compounds from agricultural waste (think cacao husks transformed into a material that preserves and packages food). She points out that Italians drink a lot of coffee, so they naturally wondered about what they could do with coffee. The chemical components in coffee are very good at trapping mercury and lead, which are common water pollutants, and poisonous over time and in large quantities. The team infused the grounds into a porous foam, using silicon and sugar. After solidifying, they dipped the material into water to dissolve the sugar, and were left with holes that create the absorbency. A piece of foam the size of a postage stamp removed 99 percent of the metals from contaminated water. More work is needed to make the process usable on a large scale.

From going green to going cold….

The Bullet2016_coffee-smoothie-with-coconutproof Coffee craze is now a smoothie craze! First, prepare the coffee by blending hot black coffee with one tablespoon coconut oil plopped in. Cover with the blender lid slightly askew (the steam will build up otherwise). Carefully blend on high until the oil is emulsified into the coffee and it’s creamy brown, about 30 seconds. Add 1 cup ice cubes, one tablespoon of peanut butter, ½ frozen banana, and a tablespoon of protein powder, and blend until smooth, about 30 more seconds. Add a pinch of cinnamon or vanilla and pulse once more. Pour into a large glass and enjoy.

And how about going even colder….2016_coffeeinacone

Earlier this year, a café in South Africa had the idea to serve coffee inside of a chocolate ice cream cone. Unfortunately, you should not try this at home! Due to the heat of the coffee, a special wafer is needed. You have about four minutes to drink the liquid before the treat melts. Check it out at #coffeeinacone.

And finally…

Earlier this month, someone on Reddit posted their coffee drink after the barista misheard the order. What did they order? A coffee with Bailey’s. What did they get? A coffee with three bay leaves artfully placed next to the black coffee in a cup.

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Small Italian Village Populated With Super-Agers

Acciaroli, Italy, is a small town of 700 in a region south of Naples.  This place is unusual because one in eig2016_espresso cup fillinght citizens there is over 100 years old.  And, they are healthy, happy and active.  Doctors studied the residents and asked a lot of questions.  Significant factors in the centenarians’ health is strong blood supply to the muscles (similar to people 30 years younger); no signs of dementia or confusion; low rates of heart disease compared to European averages; all claim to live simple, healthy lifestyles, including getting regular exercise.  Their diet includes locally-produced olive oil, local red and white wine (just a swig), and lots of the herb rosemary (cooked in foods or chewed raw).  The region itself does not house any large industry, and the air is clear and free of pollution.  But of course, the most important question from us is whether or not super-agers drink coffee.  And, guess what, they do!  On average, super-agers drink 1-2 cups per day.  Acciarolians obviously drink Italian espresso.  Just sayin’.

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The phrase ‘fair trade’ is thrown about quite a bit. When we use the phrase in talking about coffee, we are referring to coffee that is certified as having been produced under fair trade standards.

In coffee-growing regions, smaller family farmers in the area are often secluded, without access to cash or credit. In the past, these growers were forced to accept whatever was offered for their harvest (usually a fraction of the coffee’s worth). Organizations moved into these regions to work within the coffee production chain, to implement and ensure certified processes are followed. Growers partner with the packers, importers and distributors, adhering to specific rules in the production process.

Fair trade also puts restrictions on child labor and pesticide use, while guaranteeing farmers a minimum price for their coffee. As a result, farmers can earn better incomes while improving their lives and their land. There is still much more to be accomplished in the fair trade arena. We at www.EnjoyBetterCoffee.com support what these organizations are doing today and are proud to sell coffee with these certifications.

2015_Fair Trade Coffee Image

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