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In 2015 Douwe Egberts Will Buy 25% Sustainably Certified Coffee Worldwide

Douwe Egberts has always been a leader in buying sustainable, certified coffee. By 2012, UTZ Certified coffee was found in more than 6 billion cups. About 30% of Douwe Egberts coffee in the Netherlands was certified, compared to 16% worldwide. This coming year, at least 25% of all the coffee that Douwe Egberts buys across the globe will be sustainably certified. Along with their environmentally-friendly packaging, which is lighter and uses recycled materials, Douwe Egberts hits all the marks on the sustainability score card.

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Coffee Unites Colombian Community

Deep amidst the Colombian Andes lies the Perija mountain range, one of the remotest coffee-growing regions in the country. This area has 2014_Columbia Mountain Communitybeen hit hard by political violence starting more than 10 years ago. Displaced small-scale farmers lost everything when they fled their homes and paramilitaries moved in. Now, a permanent army battalion is stationed to give the farmers reassurance to be able to return home and start anew. Because coffee has been such an important source of income for the area, a project is helping more than 600 families in the area to help repair homes, replant fields and boost earnings in specialty coffee production. The project is funded and managed through the country’s Coffee Federation, the Douwe Egberts Foundation and the Dutch Embassy using a budget of almost 4 million Euros ($5.5 million USD). About half of the farmers participating in the project earn a premium for the coffee by meeting UTZ Certified requirements for sustainable farming.

Don’t Toss Those Used Coffee Grounds!

2014_Coffee Mug with plantWe love to share ideas on reusing coffee grounds. Check out this latest list of ideas for your used coffee grounds:

1. Deodorize your fridge with a bowl of used coffee grounds set inside. It’ll work just like baking soda to clear odors.

2. Used coffee grounds help fertilize indoor plants. They are also good for your composting bin.

3. When washing your hair, rub used grounds through the ends, rinse and you will have soft, glossy locks.

4. Used coffee grounds are great for removing cooking smells like garlic from your hands. Just rub a handful and rinse well.

5. Fill a sack or other cloth container with dry used grounds and place in a musty closet or a smelly basement.


Center for Coffee Study Opens at UC, Davis

March, 2014

The University of California, Davis hosted a research conference in the newly-founded Coffee Center last month. The conference is the first step 2014_UCD Center for Coffee Studytoward establishing a dedicated coffee research study center, akin to the school’s existing Institute for Wine and Food Science. On the docket were topics such as coffee genetics, sustainable growing and sensory perceptions of coffee drinkers. The Coffee Center will eventually operate a greenhouse to grow coffee for research and study. Ultimately, the school will offer a coffee science major as part of the research programs, but for now, the Coffee Center is looking for a permanent home and early research funding.

Baristas Pack Heat And It’s Not the Java

2014_Coffee and gun

March 2014

A Spokane coffee shop, in response to multiple robberies at the shop, is encouraging its staff to come to work locked and loaded. Employees at Jitterz Java are wearing their firearms on the job after the most recent robbery attempt when a suspect tried to squeeze through the drive-through window brandishing a weapon (she was chased off). News video this week showed a gun sitting next to the register in plain sight and one of the baristas wearing a .38 Special Lavender Lady sidearm. Workers are within their rights to carry weapons, per the Spokane police. The manager of the shop stated that customers have been mostly supportive of the change, though a few posts on social media suggest not everyone is happy about it.

Early November at Enjoy Better Coffee

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National Coffee Association Facts and Figures

A_small_cup_of_coffeeAccording to the National Coffee Association, 83% of U.S. adults drink coffee in one form or another. That number reflects an increase of 5% in consumption in these United States since last year’s study. Of those coffee drinkers, about one-third drink a specially prepared coffee drink (think lattes, cappuccinos, mochas). Their findings have been published in their 2013 National Coffee Drinking Trends, which has tracked annual coffee consumption trends of U.S. consumers for over 60 years.

A few other fast facts about coffee drinking from the survey:

  • New York City is highly caffeinated (wouldn’t you know it), with households there spending about 3 times the national average on coffee.
  • There are nearly 800 coffee spots in NYC, not including street vendors.
  • Ownership of single-cup brewers is up to 12%.

You can find out more about their findings here.