The Brands of J.J. Darboven

On a map of western Europe, you’ll notice Germany and Switzerland nestled together. It turns out that these countries not only share a short border, and a language, but also an appreciation of good coffee, from bean blending, roasting, packaging to drinking.

While these two neighbors differ wildly in size and population, they both are homes to makers of fine coffee, including the 3 brands we are highlighting this week. Plus, we have a great deal on these brands: Eilles Kaffee, IDEE Kaffee, and Movenpick. These iconic brands are part of another coffee leader, J.J. Darboven, which sources premium green coffee from only the best growing regions in the world. The business is built on quality and stability, so you know you’ll be buying the best coffee available.


Eilles Kaffee and IDEE Kaffee are both based in Germany. For more than 130 years in Germany, Eilles Kaffee has been the preferred brand, even with Bavarian royalty. Try Eilles Kaffee Gourmet in ground, and instant, and you’ll appreciate the distinct aroma and flavor.

IDEE Kaffee is delicious, mild coffee, with a higher caffeine content. Because of special processing, the coffee is very gentle on the stomach. We have balanced IDEE Kaffee in ground and aromatic Gold Express instant coffee.

Movenpick, our Swiss offering, gently roasts the coffee beans using a traditional Swiss recipe. We have Movenpick Der Himmlische coffee in ground, whole beans, and instant, which is a flavorful roast from high-altitude beans.

We also have Movenpick Nespresso-compatible capsules, from Ristretto, to Intenso, to Lungo Crema and Lungo Classico. Use the discount below to really save on these capsules.

This week, we’ll give you 20% off your order of these delicious coffees, but it won’t last, so order today!*

Please Use Coupon Code: DARBOVEN

*Discount valid from 7/01/18 through 11:59PM ET on 7/03/18 at with no minimum order required for Eilles, IDEE, and Movenpick products only. Not valid with other coupons or discounts, special sale or case sale products. Questions? Call us at 800.582.6617 Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM ET.

The Best Coffee To Order…

In Germany, filtered coffee is by far the most popular drink. Almost three-fourths of the population drinks coffee every day. Two-thirds of Germans drink 2-5 cups of coffee per day.

In Switzerland, the rule is espresso, with milk or whipped crème. Similar to their German counterparts, the average Swiss drinks 2-5 cups of coffee per day.

Coffee In The News

ISS Re-Supply Includes Strong Coffee

Late last week, SpaceX was scheduled to launch a rocket to the ISS with almost 6,000 pounds of supplies. Part of that payload is 60 pouches of Death Wish coffee, a specially-made instant version. The pouch has a nozzle that is used to add 8 ounces of hot water. The astronauts add an elongated straw to drink the prepared brew. The coffee maker claims the coffee has twice the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee. We wondered if this is a death wish for the ISSpresso.

Vacuum Maker Designs Futuristic Coffee Maker

dyson-concept-coffeemakerIt’s only a conceptual design, but the Dyson Coffee Maker has a motor that brews coffee in a powerful way, and it looks pretty cool too. Part of the design includes a window that allows everyone to see the internal components at work, which are similar to the visible ones on the brand’s ball-type vacuum. It’s compact, with a tubular design, so it fits in small places.

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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As the Viking comedian said: I just rowed in from Norway and boy, are my arms Thor!


If you haven’t already guessed, we are highlighting Scandinavian coffee this week. We have found that some people don’t always understand the differences between Nordic and Scandinavian, so let’s start there.

Scandinavia usually means 3 main countries: Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Finland is sometimes included in that list but is not technically Scandinavian. Refer to the countries as Nordic, and you can add Finland and Iceland to the group.

A common stereotype is that Scandinavians are blue-eye blonds. While it is true that the percentage of blondes is a bit higher, it’s a long way from being a majority. Another false idea about this region is that everyone’s house is full of IKEA furniture, as it is a Swedish-based company. There are more than 20 IKEA stores in Sweden, nine in Norway and five in Denmark. It is possible that because homes are small there, and IKEA furniture is functional, with clever storage options, you may find some in Scandinavian homes.

But there is one thing that really sets the region apart from any other area of the world: Coffee drinking. These countries drink more coffee than anywhere else in the world, even Italy and France. The Nordic people like strong, delicious filter coffee. And, they drink it all day long. We know they love coffee, they know how to roast coffee and they know how to drink coffee.

We have 3 Nordic coffee brands that will light up your taste buds: Paulig, Lofbergs Lila, and Arvid Nordquist. We will give you 15% off these iconic brands with no minimum order at*

Please use coupon code: NORDIC15

*Discount valid from 6/3/2018 through 11:59PM ET on 6/5/2018 at with 15% off no minimum order required on Arvid Nordquist, Lofbergs Lila and Paulig coffees. Offer not redeemable for cash. Not valid with other coupons or discounts, special sale or case sale products. Questions? Call us at 800.582.6617 Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM ET.

Can’t Decide? Read On…

Use our roast reviews to help you decide among these always-enjoyable brews.

Paulig-Advert-wDKRoast-NL-EPaulig, from Finland, roasts and packages coffee out of their facilities in Helsinki. We offer three roasts. Juhla Mokka Ground Coffee is light-roasted, rich, balanced from an intense blend of beans from South America and Africa. Presidentti Ground Coffee is a light roast (1 out of 5) from a blend of beans grown in Africa, and delivers a strong and rich coffee. Juhla Mokka Dark is a medium/dark roast with chocolate and toasted notes. These coffees are perfect examples of Finnish coffee.

Lofbergs-Advert-NLLofbergs Lila, one of the largest coffee roasters in the region, is based in Sweden. We offer three exemplary roasts: Lofbergs Lila Medium Roast is a light roast (2 out of 5) from Arabica beans, with a rich taste and aroma. Jubilee is light roasted (3 of 5) 100% Arabica beans, including beans certified by the Rainforest Alliance (an international sustainability organization we have written about before). Kharisma is dark, intense, and nutty with subtle fruit notes (4 of 5).

Arvid-Advert-NLArvid Nordquist opened a small shop in Stockholm, Sweden in 1884. Today Arvid Nordquist is a leader in premium coffee, food and wine products. We offer two roasts: Medium roast and Extra Dark roast, both prime examples of Swedish coffee roasting. In addition, they are UTZ Certified and CO2 Compensated (you can read more about these organizations on the product page). The Medium roast is balanced, with chocolate and spice notes. Extra Dark is full-bodied, and intense, with just the right amount of bitterness.

Try one, two or even more to experience the best in Nordic regional coffee. We get it directly from the area, so you are getting the real deal, just as a native would drink. As they say in Nordic country: “Je er glad i kaffe” which means “I love coffee!” The discount above will help you save.

Coffee In The News

Coffee Makes You Social

Coffee-work-tasksA new study found that people who drank a moderate amount of caffeine before a group activity were not only more alert, but better at tasks in the group. Those who had coffee before participating in an activity saw themselves and the others as more productive and more active. The study attributed the positivity of oneself and others to heightened alertness and improved performance (not a perception of improvements, but actual improvements). So, if you find yourself not liking someone you have to work with, try downing some coffee before the interaction.

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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Lavazza: Perfection in every cup

Lavazza Coffee is a leader in Italy and around the world. When this coffee giant was founded in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza, he pursued his passion of blending great coffee, and four generations later, it is still about that passion. Lavazza continues to innovate new coffee blends, combining coffee beans from different coffee-growing regions to create premium tastes, and finds ways to improve the packaging of their coffees to preserve freshness.

We admire Lavazza coffee, and its dedication to producing true Italian coffee. In the last couple of months, Lavazza has been in the news for some of their most innovative marketing efforts. These are just a few.


For the last three years, Lavazza has been the official coffee served at the U.S. Open, the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the French Open. Those four tournaments are referred to as the Grand Slam, and Lavazza is the first company to hold the honor of serving coffee (instead of tennis balls) at all four events. With only the Australian Open completed, fans are looking to the end of May for the French Open for more Grand Slam fun.

Lavazza-Sequin-Print-Cups-London-Fashion-Week-2018-300pxIn February, London Fashion Week offered the best of 2018’s fall/winter clothing and the best of coffee by serving only Lavazza. In fact, more than 200kg of Lavazza coffee kept the models and support staff buzzing this year. That’s 20,000 espressos for those of you keeping count.

Lavazza-2018-Calendar-300pxThe Lavazza 2018 calendar opens with the question: 2030, What are you doing? The calendar highlights 17 sustainable development goals from the United Nations, including both large and small efforts to help the planet, along with 17 people leading various movements with similar goals. The faces of change include Jeremy Renner, Andre Agassi, and Alexandra Cousteau (Jacques’ granddaughter), to name a few.

Lavazza should be your coffee of choice, or at least on the menu. How about this for a Grand Slam: Take 15% off your order, with no minimum required, on all the Lavazza products at*

That includes the new products just in, which you can read more about below.

Please use coupon code: LAVAZZA15

*Discount valid from 5/06/18 through 11:59PM ET on 5/08/18 at with no minimum order required for Lavazza products. Not valid with other coupons or discounts, special sale or case sale products. Questions? Call us at 800.582.6617 Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM ET.

Lavazza Introduces Nespresso Compatible Capsules

LV-Nespresso-Capsules-Advert-NL…and you have to get in on this deal! These new capsules from Lavazza are available in five roasts, ranging from the mild, sweet Delicato light roast, to a full-bodied Viggoroso roast, to Espresso Armonico with toasty and sweet notes, the Espresso Deciso, intense and velvety, and the sweet and rounded flavor of Decaffeinato Ricco which is decaffeinated through a natural co2 process. These capsules work with Nespresso machines, one of the best ways to experience real expresso outside of Italy.

Use the discount above to save even more!

Italian Coffee In The News

Lavazza HQ Opens

Nuvola LavazzaLast month, Lavazza’s new headquarters in Turin was finally completed. The new location was designed with employees and the environment in mind. Although workers have been there for months, now all the amenities are available. Now open are the gourmet restaurant, Condividere; a coffee museum highlighting Lavazza’s history; a piazza open to the public; an archeological site with visible markers of an early church; a large space for public and cultural events; and, 700 students attending the Institute of Applied Arts and Design on the grounds. Named Nuvola Lavazza (Lavazza Cloud), the space is new, open, and high-tech, with innovative furnishings that encourage sharing and efficiency while being quite comfortable. The building itself is desgned to reuse and recycle resources, including energy savings and water conservation using new, cutting-edge technology.

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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This Week at Italian Specialty Roasters


Italy has long been a cradle of industry and innovation, particularly in the coffee market, which goes back more than 300 years. Italy’s history includes the founding of many coffee companies. Our favorites are the family businesses with a history of providing the best Italian coffee, so we have a wide selection of coffee imported from Italy produced by industry icons. At Enjoy Better Coffee, we have the best Italian coffee brands.

Check out our Italian specialty roasters below. Save money when you get any of the brands below – you’ll get 15% off your order with no minimum order required at*

Please use coupon code: WELOVEIT

*Discount valid from 4/29/18 through 11:59PM ET on 5/01/18 at with no minimum order required for the following brands only: Bristot, Caffe Vergnano, Hausbrandt, Illy, Miscela D’Oro, Pellini and Sant Eustachio. Not valid with other coupons or discounts, special sale or case sale products. Questions? Call us at 800.582.6617 Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM ET.

Not sure which to try? Read more about each of these brands, and you’ll find just the right roasts for you.

CAFFE-VERGNANO-nl-iconCaffe Vergnano makes espresso along with drip coffee with 100% Arabica beans. We have a range of regular and decaffeinated espresso in ground and whole beans. We also have Caffe Vergnano Nespresso-compatible capsules in five different roasts, including dark Intenso, sweet Arabica, spicy Cremoso, and Decaf, all are available in compostable capsules.

Hausbrandt-nl-iconAlthough the founder of Hausbrandt introduced the electric roaster and was one of the first to sell coffee in sealed metal containers. We have a wide selection of Hausbrandt whole bean and ground coffee. Try Hausbrandt Gourmet ground coffee, with spicy and citrus flavors from the delicately roasted 100% Arabica beans. We have ground on sale, and whole beans in 2.2lb bags. Use the discount above to save on the special coffees.

Illy-nl-icon-editilly’s founder developed the modern espresso machine. Today, the third generation of the family is at the helm, producing rich, full-bodied, velvety smooth coffee. The signature blend combines nine sustainably-grown Arabica beans from 4 continents. We have illy in Moka/Medium roast and Decaffeinated ground coffee, all in the signature metal tin.

misceladoro-nl-iconMiscela D’Oro is committed to sourcing the best raw coffee beans, carefully blending the beans while still green, then roasting them to produce a full-bodied espresso with a rich, thick crema. We have Miscela D’Oro  in whole beans, ground coffee, and even carry their chocolate cocoa drink mix. And just in – an all new range of Nespresso-compatible capsules in 6 delicious varieties, all eligible for the discount above.

Pellini-nl-iconThis family business, originally a company producing medicinal herbs, moved to roasting coffee in 1947 in Verona. Today, Pellini is known for high-quality, gourmet, Italian espresso. Pellini Top is their top of the line, made with 100% Arabica beans specially roasted to deliver a smooth, full-bodied espresso, which we have in whole beans and in ground as well. We also have 3 blends in Nespresso-compatible capsules.

sant-eustachio-nl-iconBased in the heart of Rome, just a few steps from the Pantheon, Sant Eustachio slow roasts beans over wood in the back of the shop. This roasting technique creates a mild coffee with a fragrant aroma. We have Sant Eustachio in ground and whole beans, including espresso and Moka grinds.

bristot-nl-iconBristot The Bristot signature is quality and excellence. Their high standards, cutting-edge technology, development, innovation and certification, including Kosher certified, result in premium coffee blends. Try Bristot Tiziano Whole Beans for real Italian espresso, including notes of fruit and a chocolate finish. It is on sale and eligible for the discount above.

Espresso In The News

Beans on Toast, But Crunchier
espresso-marmalade-300pxEspresso marmalade is now available in a jar in the United Kingdom. Reviews on the site where the product is offered range from “Job done!” to “looks amazing” to “spreadable.” For a kick on your morning bagel, or with crackers, the spread contains caffeine. This product brought to you by the same people who offer Spreadable Beer and Spreadable Gin (& Tonic) in jars. The cost is equivalent to $14 USD.

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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Dallmayr Kaffee In The Spotlight: Drink Up!


A guy walks into a German bar. While this may sound like the start of a joke (and maybe it is!), but in this case, we want you to think about what you might drink after walking into a German bar.

This week, we’re talking about a great German coffee, Dallmayr. But we can’t talk about great German coffee without talking about German beer. That’s because Germany is a top consumer of both coffee and beer. Per person, in Germany, consumption of beer does not even approach consumption of coffee: 28 gallons of beer vs 43 gallons of coffee vs 40 gallons of water per year.

Coffee and beer have been around for centuries. Both have been treated as special drinks through the years, yet were banned at times, revered at other times, reserved only for the wealthy at times, and today, are considered specialty, artisanal beverages.

Hildegard-of-BingenIt’s useful to remember that beer was drunk because for much of that time, water was often contaminated. Even Hildegard of Bingen, a Benedictine abbess from the 11th century, encouraged the drinking of beer for health and safety reasons. Today in Germany, more than 1300 breweries produce more than 5000 brands, more than any other country in the world!

Meanwhile, coffee proliferation contributed to the spread of a new business, coffee houses, where politicians, artists, writers, and women found company and similar-thinking neighbors and friends. Meeting there even generated a bit of gossip!

dm-restaurantDallmayr is also a key player in the bar scene of Munich, where they offer several options for bar drinks. In addition to their Café Bistro, and a Bar & Grill, they also have a Michelin-starred restaurant. And, yes, they offer beer, wine and of course their delicious coffees.

This week, in honor of National Beer Day here in the U.S. (April 7), we are offering a deal on Dallmayr that you will want to toast: Get 15% off your order of this great coffee brand with no minimum order at!*

Please use coupon code: DALLMAYR

*Discount valid from 4/08/2018 through 11:59PM ET on 4/10/2018 at with 15% off no minimum order required on Dallmayr Kaffee products. Not valid with other coupons or discounts, special sale or case sale products. Questions? Call us at 800.582.6617 Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM ET.

Dallmayr: The Best Coffees In the World

The first word that comes to mind when we drink Dallmayr is smooth, from the body to the finish. The beans are carefully selected from the best coffee-growing regions, then roasted at the Dallmayr production facilities in the southeast city of Geising, about a 45-minute drive from Dresden.

These are our best sellers:


Dallmayr French Press Selection is a blend created with help from a popular French Press maker. The grind is extra coarse, which is perfect for the French Press maker. The blend is 100% Arabica beans, with a floral and spicy aroma.

We also have 3 very special blends back in stock: Neiva, Kilimanjaro and Granverde. All are 100% Arabica beans, ground, in 8.8oz packs.

Dallmayr Neiva is grown in the coffee belt of Columbia. A single-origin coffee, this medium roast is spicy, with a fresh taste and citrus notes.

Try Dallmayr Grandverde, an organic ground coffee blend from Latin America. The coffee has a delicate nutty taste with a soft finish.

Dallmayr Kilimanjaro is a single-origin coffee from Tanzania. These unique beans are grown at the foot of the mountain, giving the coffee a balanced flavor with light floral notes.

For the Nespresso maker, we have 11 Capsa roasts of capsules, including newer roasts in the Capsa line: Crema d’Oro (light, mild and balanced); Prodomo (the flagship blend, strong aroma, full-bodied and smooth); Chocolat (notes of caramel and dark chocolate in a smooth, creamy espresso), and Vanilla (sweet and delicate, with a delicious aroma). The flavored coffees are perfect for coffee drinks (see below), but any Dallmayr coffee is great on its own (milk’s optional)!

Coffee In The News

These Coffee Drinks Are Easy and Tasty

brown-sugar-caramel-latteTry Capsa Chocolat or Vanilla as the base for this aromatic and sweet treat. Add an ounce of Kahlua, ½ ounce of brandy and a dash of cinnamon. Top with sweetened whipped cream and sit back to enjoy.

These flavored coffees also make a great Brown Sugar and Caramel Latte. Add a tablespoon of brown sugar to the prepared coffee, plus ¼ cup half-and-half, with a drizzle of caramel ice cream topping. (Frothing the cream makes it even dreamier!)

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

Phone: 800 582 6617

J.J. Darboven: A Company Dedicated to Gourmet Coffee


This past week marked the 152nd year anniversary of the start of a small shop in Hamburg, Germany. That shop, owned by Johann Joachim Darboven, sold bread, milk, and a novelty of the time, roasted coffee beans. When he started shipping packaged coffee and sugar cubes to customers using the postal system, the legacy was set.

Within a few years, the company was offering 144 coffee varieties identified by origin and trade name at an international horticulture exhibition, and the company won the silver medal. When J.J. passed away 40 years later, his two sons took over a company that had already grown far beyond Hamburg. During WW I, the company faced a lack of green coffee beans, so they developed a popular drink that could replace coffee. This drink contained grain, chicory, sorghum, sugar beet, and roasted figs. But the brothers did not stop their innovation there.

IDEE-Kaffee-WS-FlyerA decade later, they hired a food chemist to develop a coffee that was easy to digest, yet still tasted the same, and had the same amount of caffeine. Using the already-established brand name ‘Idee’, this new coffee was launched under the name IDEE KAFFEE. The popularity of this coffee forced the company to expand production. Soon, the business expanded into restaurant supply.

JJ-Koff-175pxFaced with the same lack of green beans during WW II, the company improved the flavor of the substitute drink, renaming it Koff. (The slogan was “Until we can enjoy IDEE KAFFEE again, Koff is a good alternative.”) J.J.’s sons were able to navigate the company through the wars, and the company quickly rebounded through the surviving loyal employees and customers. The sons died within 2 years of each other, about a decade before the 100th anniversary of the company. By then, the fourth generation of the family was managing the company. By 1980, Eilles and Movenpick coffees were part of the Darboven family.

Today, the company sources only premium green coffee from the finest coffee growing regions. Quality and stability are their guiding principles.

We enjoy all the coffees J.J. Darboven produces, and we know you will too! This week, get 15% off your order of these great brands: Eilles, IDEE, Movenpick, and Mozart. Better yet, no minimum order required!*

Please Use Coupon Code: DARBOVEN

Shop now at

*Discount valid from 3/25/18 through 11:59PM ET on 3/27/18 at no minimum order required for Eilles, IDEE, Movenpick, & Mozart products only. Not valid with other coupons or discounts, special sale or case sale products. Questions? Call us at 800.582.6617 Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM ET.

J.J. Darboven Brands: A World Of Flavor

2017_eilles-kaffee-logoEilles Kaffee, from Germany, is all about enjoying the good things in life. A distinctive and special blend of beans, Eilles Kaffee uses highland beans, which assures a high-quality coffee. For more than 130 years, Eilles Kaffee has been the preferred brand. In fact, Bavarian King Ludwig II served only Eilles coffee at court during his reign in the later 1800s. We have Eilles Kaffee Gourmet in ground, whole beans and instant, and Eilles Kaffee Arabica in ground. The beautiful blue and gold packaging evokes the royal court; the aroma and flavor are unforgettable.

IDEE-Logo-WPAlso from Germany is IDEE Kaffee, a wonderfully mild classic coffee. The roasting process IDEE uses eliminates any undesirable elements with the beans prior to roasting, reducing bitter flavors that may result from regular roasting. This leaves a mild tasting coffee, with higher caffeine content, which is easier on the stomach. We have IDEE Kaffee in ground and Gold Express Instant coffee. Both are balanced and aromatic coffees.

2017_movenpick-logoMovenpick, from Switzerland, produces coffee that has been roasted gently and carefully follows an original Swiss recipe. Der Himmlische coffee comes in ground and whole bean, taking high-altitude beans from around the world, giving the coffee a wonderful aroma and distinctive taste. We also have Movenpick Espresso whole beans, which has a rich and strong taste and aroma.

2017_mozart-kaffee-logoFinally, a coffee from Austria named after its most famous son, Mozart. Mozart Kaffee is a symphony of flavors, notes and aroma. Well-balanced, delicious and irresistible, this coffee brand produces. We have a Mild ground coffee that is light and Intensive ground and instant, with a powerful aroma and taste.

Try any or all of these, and you won’t be disappointed.

Coffee In The News

Cold Brew + Red Wine = Is This A New Trend?

A California winemaker has announced the release next month of a red wine blend that features cold brew coffee. Coffee wines, as these blends are known, tend to be rich and aromatic drinks, with lots of flavor notes from both the coffee and the wine. This new brew is a limited release. Other coffee wines have been made by soaking green coffee in red wine, or by combining Cabernet or Chardonnay with espresso or cappuccino. We like our wine, and we like our coffee, but we aren’t so sure about enjoying them together. Tell us what you think on our Facebook page!

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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Get Cozy with Scandinavian Coffee from Enjoy Better Coffee

All Together Now!

Coffee-In-The-Fjords-Scandi-BannerHere at Enjoy Better Coffee, we take our coffee seriously. It is one of the reasons we love Scandinavian coffee, the highlight of this week’s newsletter. Scandinavian coffee is specially roasted in Scandinavian style: The highest quality of green coffee beans are roasted to highlight the flavors unique to each bean type. While some might say that part of that style is to roast ‘lighter,’ that is not entirely accurate. Scandinavian coffee runs the gamut from very light to medium/dark, all of which the Scandinavians maintain allows the drinker to explore a new set of flavors.

In addition, you gotta love a place that has protected coffee breaks by law.

fika-spread-300pxThat’s right! In Sweden and Finland, Fika is a seriously taken ‘coffee break’ where school and work are stopped two times a day, mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Workers can earn 5 minutes for every hour on the clock for their fika (or fika pause). The key here is that it’s rarely a solitary event. Friends, coworkers, family – all get together over steaming cups of coffee and cookies, cake, or a warm cinnamon roll.

This experience is not just in these 2 Nordic countries. In Norway and Denmark, they also promote the “coziness” of being together with a hot drink, a sweet treat and friends (the Danes call it ‘hygge’), and how can we not love that?!

We just got a new shipment of Scandinavian coffee and this week, our favorite Nordic brands: Paulig, Arvid Nordquist, and Lofbergs Lila is 15% with no minimum order at*

Please use coupon code: NORDIC15

*Discount valid from 3/11/2018 through 11:59PM ET 3/13/2018 at with 15% off no minimum order required on Arvid Nordquist, Lofbergs Lila and Paulig coffees. Not valid with other coupons or discounts, special sale or case sale products.

Fresh Off The Boat

We have 3 brands of coffee from Scandinavia that we have just restocked with fresh coffee: Arvid Nordquist, Lofbergs Lila and Paulig.

All began as family businesses well over 100 years ago and all are leaders in the Scandinavian market today.

Arvid-Advert-3Blends-NLArvid Nordquist opened a small shop in Stockholm, Sweden in 1884. Today they are a leading company in premium coffee, food and wine products. We have Arvid Nordquist Classic in 3 roasts: Medium(balanced), Extra Dark (intense), and Gran Dia (medium roast, with floral and nut tones) all in ground.

Lofbergs-Advert-NLLofbergs Lila started in Sweden by 3 brothers. Today, it is one of the largest coffee roasters in the Nordic countries. The company also owns a tea company and sponsor a Swedish hockey team and an Arena. We have 3 flavorful roasts in ground: Medium roast (perfect anytime!); Jubilee roast (rich with sweet notes), and Kharisma (dark, intense, nutty with subtle fruit notes).

Paulig-Advert-wDKRoast-NL-EPaulig was started by a German immigrant in 1876 in Helsinki, Finland. Today the international Paulig Group considers Paulig coffee to be their flagship coffee operation. We have two roasts: Juhla Mokka in ground (strong) and Presidentti in ground (rich with a strong flavor), plus a great new roast from Paulig, just in: Juhla Mokka Dark, a medium/dark roast with chocolate and toasted notes.

Coffee In The News

Creamy Irish Coffee Recipe


Creamy-Irish-Coffee-250px4 Cups strong fresh coffee
1/4 Cup sugar
1/2 Cup Irish whiskey
1 Cup whipping cream
2 Tablespoons sugar
2 Tablespoons Irish whiskey


  1. Place 4 cups of strong fresh coffee in a saucepan with 1/4 cup
    of sugar, or to taste.
  2. Add 1/2 cup Irish Whiskey and heat thoroughly but do not boil.
    (Scotch whiskey, Bourbon or other whiskeys could be used.)
  3. Meanwhile whip 1 cup whipping cream until light.
  4. Beat in 2 Tablespoons each of sugar and Irish whiskey.
  5. Pour coffee into mugs or goblets and pipe or spoon the
    flavored cream on top.

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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