Explore The Brands of Tchibo

This week, we are highlighting 3 of our premium German brands: Tchibo, Davidoff, and Eduscho. Let’s look at how these brands grew into the icons of coffee they are today.


Tchibo is German coffee producer that started selling coffee via mail orders more than 60 years ago. The name Tchibo comes from the word ‘Tchiling’ (the name of a founding partner) and the German word for ‘bean’ (bohne). Thanks to its popularity, Tchibo opened a store next door to their roasting plant to sell coffee directly to customers. Their coffee was sold in new see-through containers and customers were given samples of brewed coffee to allow patrons to choose their favorites. Within a few years, there were more than 70 shops in Germany with a new one opening almost every week. Over the next 30 years, Tchibo opened roasting plants and coffee shops in Britain, Poland, Hungary and Russia. Today, Tchibo has one of the largest chains of coffee cafés with over 1000 retail locations worldwide.

Davidoff-espresso-advertZino Davidoff (1906-1994) lived his life with the belief that a taste for quality was a taste for life. Coffee was one of his greatest passions, starting each day with an espresso or two. The spirit of Zino lives on in the company as a source of inspiration and as a mandate for the business. Because only the finest quality will do, you can be sure that Davidoff coffee is as close to perfection as Zino would want.

Eduard Schopf began the family business, Eduscho coffee, in 1924 in Germany with a direct focus on fresh coffee, from the beans to the preparation. Because mail was the quickest way to reach a lot of customers, Eduscho began as one of the earliest mail order business. Eventually the business had stores in all major German cities and in bakeries, and the brand hurtled into a national presence. Around the turn of this century, Eduscho was acquired by Tchibo and expanded into Europe – Slovakia, Poland, Austria and Britain.

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Find Your Favorite!


“A New Experience”

2015_Tchibo LogoLet’s start with 2 new special roasts from Tchibo. Guatemala Grande, delicate with notes of chocolate, is one of the two Privat Kaffee roasts we now have. Brazil Mild is aromatic, smooth with hazelnut notes. We have both in ground.

Tchibo Feine Milde Ground coffee is a naturally mild coffee made from Arabica beans grown in different geographical areas. The perfect blend makes the coffee mild and soft with a delicious flavor. If you prefer a coffee with a stronger flavor, try Beste Bohne. It has a sweetness with good body making it perfect to drink every time. We also have Tchibo Espresso Milano Style and Sicilia Style, both in whole beans and both with a velvety crema.

“Good Coffee Has To Be Fresh”

2015_Eduscho logoWe have two of Eduscho’s top sellers: Gala Nr 1 ground and Gala Mild ground coffee both make great every day coffee. Try them for a real European coffee experience.

“Live Every Moment”

Davidoff-Cafe-Logo-NL-BlockTry Davidoff Café Rich Aroma ground coffee for an intense, full-bodied experience. Davidoff Café Fine Aroma ground coffee is mild with a delicate aroma and a soft texture. Davidoff Espresso 57, intense with a soft finish, is available in ground and whole beans. Check out Crème Whole beans, a fine coffee with a classic crema.

For Nespresso drinkers, we have capsules from Davidoff. Café Elegance is a mild roast espresso, rated 4/6 in intensity. Davidoff Café Style is a longer-roasted blend with a distinct aroma, rated 3/6 in intensity. We also have a variety package with these 2 roasts, plus Prestige, a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans roasted longer to develop the character, rated 5/6 in intensity. With the deal above, we’re practically giving these away!

Germany In The News

Germany Celebrates Fall of Wall 30th Anniversary

berlin-wallA week-long city-wide festival in Berlin this November will commemorate when the Berlin Wall was taken down. At sites across the city, installations will tell the story of how it happened, with images, films, and sound. The event has been coordinated with museums, memorial sites, educational and artists groups, with different elements of the story told at each stop. At one stop, Berliners who were separated because of the wall tell their stories; at another stop, a gallery, experience an artistic takeover of the Wall. On November 9th, the date the Wall fell, stages across the city will showcase renowned artists connected to the events that year, and those whose work represents freedom. More than 100 events are planned, including discussion panels, guided tours, readings, theatre productions, and poetry slams. A free app for your cell or tablet has been developed that will use augmented reality technology at the wall location for those who want to see what the wall looked like at the time on their device.

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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Explore The Brands of Tchibo

The Rich Heritage of German Coffee

Germany has played an historic role in the history of coffee. Just a few highlights:


✔ Coffee was imported, sold and served as far back as 1723 when the first coffee house opened in Berlin.

✔ Coffee filters were invented there.

✔ In the heyday of the early coffee houses, German women were able to meet with friends and drink coffee when most other countries were not yet enlightened enough to let women be in public without a chaperone.

✔ The word “kaffeeklatsch” – coffee and gossip – came into common usage during this time.

✔ It was a German roaster who first sent coffee by mail to customers. (Tchibo)

✔ It was another German roaster who figured out that selling coffee in bakeries was a lucrative proposition. (Eduscho)

✔ A German composer named Johann Sebastian Bach composed the music and lyrics of “Coffee Cantata” in 1732. The story was a humorous comment on the coffee culture of the time.

✔ On average, Germans drink more coffee than beer or water.

✔ The second-largest city in Germany, Hamburg, is home to many historic brands, including Tchibo. The city is a major European venue for education and research industries, cultural activities and artistic endeavors.

Perhaps it is the history of coffee in Germany that set the stage, but it’s interesting that more than 80 percent of German adults drink coffee every day. Tchibo, one of our brands in the spotlight today, is in the top 5 coffee brands in Germany. In addition, we are also spotlighting two more German-related brands: Eduscho and Davidoff.

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The Brands Of Tchibo

Davidoff-Cafe-Logo-NL-BlockDavidoff Café is a luxurious brand that produces smooth and flavorful coffee. Davidoff makes delicious ground coffee with Espresso 57 (intense espresso, mellow finish), Fine Aroma (delicate and mild), and Rich Aroma (spicy). We also have whole beans in Crème, an elegant, full-bodied espresso with a velvet crema. For the Nespresso drinkers, we have three different roasts, from Style (3 out of 6 intensity), to Elegance (4 intensity) to Prestige (5 intensity), plus all three are available in a variety package. If you like an instant, Davidoff has five different roasts, including Crema Intense and the Limited Edition Elements instant.

2015_Tchibo LogoTchibo is a top seller, with several premium products. Try Tchibo Exclusive Ground coffee, great for stovetop Moka makers and espresso, also available in Instant. We have several additional ground coffees from the Tchibo range: Feine Milde (fine and mild), Beste Bohne (100% Arabica), and Gold Selection (aromatic, unique, medium blend). Tchibo also makes Exclusive, a balanced coffee, and Exclusive Decaf, both in ground. Today, Tchibo is served around the world.

2015_Eduscho logoEduscho opened its first store in Bremen in the 50’s, soon followed by stores in all the major German cities. Introduced in 1959, Gala coffee was sold in bakeries which served to further popularize the brand in German culture. In 1980, Gala coffee was renamed to Gala Number 1 (Nr. 1) to reflect its status in the market and its flavor and quality. We have classic Gala Nr.1, an Arabica/Robusta blend and have Gala Mild again, which is a smooth, balanced, naturally mild coffee.

Coffee In The News

So Many Championships, So Little Time

woc-175In Berlin this past few days, the World of Coffee, an event organization that is part of the Specialty Coffee Association, hosted the World Latte Art Championship, World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, and the World Cup Tasters Championship. Getting an early start every day, drinking, practicing and partying were scheduled through the 4 days of the competition. We are thinking that a lot of people were in ‘good spirits’ for this event!

Blak is Back, Sort Of

coke-plus-coffeeCoca-Cola has been quietly bringing to international markets a soft drink similar to their Blak version released over a decade ago. The company released Blak, a coffee-flavored version of their namesake drink in 2006, and stopped producing it only 2 years later. Chalked up to bad timing then, the company is betting that the world is ready for coffee/cola blends now. The new product contains more real coffee than Blak, and has more caffeine than regular Coke. It might be available in the United States next year, though plans are not defined yet. We think it’s time to brew an espresso.

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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