Life Happens. Coffee Helps. Try Douwe Egberts.


Douwe Egberts has been roasting and marketing coffee for more than 265 years. Being one of the first businesses offering that commodity both locally and regionally, it is no surprise that Douwe Egberts is not only first in coffee, but is also responsible for many “firsts” in the Industry. Let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights:

• Introduced the red seal as its logo, an iconic image still used today

• Offered a customer loyalty program through stamps on their packages

DE-Seals-History-Portrait-300px• Early on, sold coffee via a traveling salesman, the son Douwe Egberts, spreading the popularity of the brand

• Pioneered pursuing sustainable and environmentally-friendly policies and procedures for growing and harvesting coffee

• Created the Douwe Egberts Foundation, working in-country where coffee beans are grown

• Introduced a vending machine that responded to a person’s face, where a yawn caused a cup of hot Douwe Egberts coffee to be delivered

• Recently began selling tea in China (coffee too)

Douwe Egberts coffee is the result of innovation over time, and that’s one reason the brand is known worldwide. Douwe Egberts has a range of delicious coffee at economical prices (even before our discount offer!).

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Douwe Egberts coffees come in roasts that appeal to everyone, in whole beans, ground, and instant, and in sizes to meet every need.

Go lighter with Douwe Egberts Select Aroma ground coffee, a smooth coffee with fruity notes. Medium roast Douwe Egberts Excellent Aroma, in ground and whole beans, is full-bodied and smooth. Douwe Egberts Black in ground is strong and rich, and one of the most popular Douwe Egberts coffee.


Need your coffee quickly? Try Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood instant, the flagship roast. We have Aroma Rood instant in 7oz/200mg jars, resealable and reusable, with a seal that preserves the smooth and rich flavors and aroma notes. Douwe Egberts Pure Gold instant, also in the resealable jar, is a medium, balanced roast, and is the standard for all instant coffees. We also have Pure Gold instant in 10- and 20-stick sample packs, making it easy to give it a try, and please use the discount above. Douwe Egberts Pure Indulgence instant is dark and rich, with a velvety body. And, yes, it comes in a resealable jar.

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And Speaking of Innovation in The Netherlands…

A Dutch company is using small drones to control the number of flying pest insects that plague flower growers. A pilot program started last month is trying the drones to control a specific moth. Results of the program will be reviewed for effectiveness, and in looking to improve the technology.

NL-Delivery-Robot-300pxThe largest supermarket chain in the country has started a trial of grocery-delivery through a delivery robot. The robot is an electric vehicle that can travel up to eight kilometers, and is being tested within the campus of a high-tech school, as the vehicle is not allowed on the road. Groceries are packed inside the device, which makes its way to the delivery location using cameras and sensors. The customer will need to step outside to get their order.

dfw-robotsIn other robotic news, a Dutch company has built a line of robot vehicles now being tested at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport to handle checked bags for customers. Used specifically for customers at the international terminal who are rechecking bags after clearing customs and security for domestic flights, travelers place their bags on the robot, use the touch screen to identify their airline, and the bag is transported to the correct baggage belt.

DE-Yawn-Activated-CoffeeOne final note: The vending machine mentioned above, originally seen as a marketing ploy, was an early iteration of “gesture recognition,” cutting-edge technology poised to grow by almost 30% over the next 5 years.

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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Jacobs Has A Coffee for Every Cup

Jacobs Coffee started as a small shop in the center of Bremen, and expanded as demand for their products grew. Today Jacobs Coffee is available in more than 20 countries, and a best-seller in shops today.
Jacobs-Banner-Woman-Laughing with cup
Germany is a cradle of coffee, and deserves that honor. Bremen and Hamburg had the first coffeehouses in the 1600’s and coffee was served at the royal court as early as 1675. Berlin opened the first public coffee house in 1721. Even the spelling of the word changed over time – originally “coffee” then “café” then landing on and remaining in Germany as “kaffee.”

Helping to spread the word about Jacobs coffee, in the last month, Jacobs has launched a flagship store in China, one of the fastest growing digital consumer markets in the world. China has gone from traditional tea drinks to instant coffee to now with demand for more freshly brewed coffee products. In the last couple of years, sales of fresh coffee increased by double digits in China.

We have several roasts from Jacobs, including in ground, whole bean, and instant. Just for a few days this week, get 15% off your order of Jacobs coffee, with no minimum purchase required.*

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Our Favorites Right Now

Jacobs flagship coffee is Kronung, [“coronation” in German], and is widely known for its aromatic qualities, mellow flavor and reasonable price. We have several options including Mild, Balance, and Decaf, some in ground and whole beans.

We also have Jacobs Instant Cappuccino, which makes a fine, velvety cappuccino. This is such a popular product we usually sell out quickly, so get them while you can.

Try Jacobs Espresso whole beans, a dark roast that produces a traditional espresso. We have Crema and Crema Intenso in whole beans also.

Jacobs has long been known, and popular in Europe, for its instant coffees. We have several roasts in instant available, from Kronung Instant, to Cronat Gold Instant, and Velvet Instant. We even have two Barista Editions, Crema Instant and Americano Instant, both made with finely ground Arabica beans.

Even items on sale are available for this discount. Order today!

German Coffee In The News

Sparkling Flavored Coffee Debuts In Cans

sparkling-cold-brewClaiming to be the first sparkling coffee ready to drink in cans, a German company has launched a series of drinks. Flavors include ginger, lemon, and grapefruit. The brews are nitro-infused, meaning it’s a cold-brewed drink with tiny bubbles that remain in the drink to the last sip. Flavored cold brews are becoming more diverse, so look for exotic flavors such as dragon fruit, Kaffir lime, Sicilian Lemon and Arctic Raspberry to show up on the market. As for us, we’ll take a good espresso any time.

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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Netherlands Wins at Eurovision

What is the Eurovision Contest?


The contest is an annual original song competition, with participants from primarily European countries, and has been broadcast on tv since it started in 1956. It is one of the most-watched non-sporting events, and the world’s longest-running program. It has been broadcast even in countries that do not compete.

abba-eurovsion-2Who is the most well-known winner of the contest? That would be ABBA, the Swedish band, in 1974, giving that country its first win. What song did they sing? That would be “Waterloo.”

Every year a theme for the contest is set (this year’s was “Dare to Dream”), with each country submitting one original song (which may or may not connect to the theme) and then the artist performs it live. Votes are cast for the songs from listeners in the participating countries via telephone or text, but be quick about it – they only get 15 minutes! There is a jury that participates in deciding the winner, and there is a point system relating to the votes (and it’s too complicated to detail here).

bar-eurovisionThis year’s winner was crowned last month, in Israel (the 2018 winner’s home country), for his original song “Arcade.” Duncan Laurence performed the piano ballad, winning strongly. The Grand Final show, with special guest appearances by Madonna (not her first at this annual event) and Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot, was hosted by Israeli celebs, including model Bar Refaeli. (You may recall Bar “making out” with a chubby, curly-headed guy in a Super Bowl commercial a few years back.)

Let’s join the rest of the world in celebrating a Dutch victory at this international contest. How do we celebrate the Netherlands? With Douwe Egberts coffee, of course!

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Eurovision By The Numbers


  • Total number of shows since the event began: 64
  • Audience viewers internationally: 100 million to 600 million (200 million this year)
  • Number of countries participating in the first year: 7
  • Number of countries participating in 2019: 42
  • Number of wins by the Netherlands: 5
  • Winner of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest: 1 (The Netherlands)
  • Most victories by a country: 7 (Ireland)

These Favorites Are Back In Stock!

Select and Mocca ground coffees, some of our most popular roasts, are finally back in stock again and ready to be sent to you.


Like a darker roast? Try Douwe Egberts Mocca Aroma coffee, rich and full, with spice and cocoa notes. We have Mocca Aroma in ground and whole beans. Just a reminder that this Mocca coffee is not the kind of coffee/chocolate drink you order at a café, but instead refers to the type of bean.

If you prefer a lighter coffee, try Douwe Egberts Select Aroma in ground. The Arabica blend is silky, smooth, with very subtle notes of fruit, and a mild flavor. The discount is only available through Tuesday, so order today!

Netherlands In The News

Commuters Bike During Strike

The end of May brought a public transportation strike in the Netherlands, affecting every sort of transport, and causing delays all over. But, the Dutch, being very practical, took to their bikes, riding to work via the motorways, to avoid traffic jams. Videos show huge groups of bikers driving along the highway, in special lanes just for the bikes. The strike was in response to government plans to increase the retirement age of workers.

That’s Some Expensive Fish!

herring-200The Dutch national food is considered to be herring by many aficionados, and herring season is open. The first barrel of Hollandse Nieuwe Herring was sold last week for 95 thousand euros ($107,000 USD), which was donated to a non-profit organization assisting families of children with cancer. Herring is served at most meals, and is often served with wine, pickled onions and gherkins.

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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Douwe Egberts: 265 Years of Expertise

de-11-citiesWhen you think of the Netherlands, do you think of ice skating on the canals? Considering that Dutch speed skaters hold the record for Olympic speed skating medals, both in combined medals, and in gold medals, it’s not surprising that skating on the canals is a national sport. More challenging is the training for one of the largest and longest canal skating races, the Elfstedentocht, which is only held in years when the weather allows for the canals to freeze. de-11-cities-2The race name means “Eleven Cities Tour” and includes a speed skating competition for elite skaters and a gentle, slower tour of the cities for everyone else. Racers go first, then the thousands (yes, thousands) of other skaters take off. The winner may finish in just 6 hours, but all finishers must complete the race by midnight. Adding to the excitement, the announcement of the race, which is completely dependent upon the weather, is made a meager 48 hours before the race is held. Strict measurements of the ice are performed; it must be almost six inches deep, then the announcement can be made, and participants and fans head to Friesland, a northern province, about 70 miles from Amsterdam.

You may not be surprised to learn that the tour, first held in 1909, has been held 1997-11-cities-2only 15 times in the intervening years, the last one was staged in 1997, and the ensuing 22 years have been the longest gap between tours in its 110-year history.

As you may have surmised, the country was yet again disappointed this year because the winter weather conditions never allowed the tour to be held. The last champion of the event, a farmer in his early 50’s, says he wants another race, and another champion of the Elfstedentocht. He says “It will happen.”

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The Dutch Mainstay: Douwe Egberts


Egbert Douwes and his wife Akke opened a grocery store in Joure, Netherlands, in 1753, selling products that “add to the pleasures of daily existence” – coffee and tea leading the list of best-sellers. Today, Douwe Egberts still makes delicious coffee (and tea) and is still wildly popular in the Netherlands, and beyond. Read on about some of our favorites below.

Douwe Egberts Best Sellers Available in Ground and Whole Bean


Douwe Egberts Excellent Aroma coffee is a blend of 100% Arabica beans, delivering a perfectly balanced, medium roast coffee, with a great aroma.

Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood coffee is a medium roast, medium strength coffee made with Arabica and Robusta beans.

Douwe Egberts Mocca Aroma coffee is stronger, with a darker roast and flavor, with spicy, chocolate and fruit notes.

The Netherlands In The News

Vegan foods

These two stories came to our attention and set us wondering. The first is from a Dutch food producer and local grocer, Hema, who makes an iconic Dutch food, smoked sausage. The chain announced they are making a vegan version of the sausage, and eventually, want to offer vegan versions of all of their products, foods like sausage rolls and apple pie.

In more vegan news, a British man from a family of 3 generations of dairy farmers has created and is selling vegan cheese in Holland. Motivated by his own diet choices, he began experimenting with plant-based cheeses, and is now selling them at markets in Amsterdam. He stated he found the Dutch to be more open to new things, and therefore, willing to explore plant-based cheeses. His products, he said, address his own personal concerns about sustainability. And speaking of sustainability…

Coffee + Orange = Soap

soopA business collective that is dedicated to upcycling organic waste streams has created soap, both bar and liquid versions, that use coffee grounds and orange peels. Coffee grounds are a great natural scrub, with the citrus helping to boost the skin’s appearance and add a gentle fragrance. Today, a peel-recycling company supplies the oranges, which come from grocers and other stores that press fresh juice. The coffee grounds come from many sources, but the plan is to eventually collect them from offices and hotels. In case you are wondering, they clean them! The grounds and peels are treated to make them safe and to meet all Dutch regulations on soap and cosmetics.

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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The Dutch Celebrate This Month

In a couple of weeks, the Dutch, along with other Christian worshippers, will celebrate Easter. Then a mere week later, the people will party in honor of the birthday of their King, Willem Alexander. Both celebrations are national, public holidays, and important in the Netherlands, and here’s why.


easter-breadEaster is April 21, but in Holland, Easter is celebrated on both the Sunday and Easter Monday. As with most religious holidays, food and family are the center of the celebration. Breakfasts, brunch and lunch are big that weekend, and foods served include eggs (boiled, poached or fried), Easter bread (with raisins, nuts and marzipan), butter (in the shape of a lamb), croissants, cheese, ham, smoked fish and of course, chocolate (in the shape of eggs or rabbits).

Easter-bunnies-amsterdamChildren decorate boiled eggs, and later will search for decorated and chocolate eggs hidden around the house and yard by Paashaas, the Easter hare. There are also Easter markets, special brunches offered at restaurants, and in some areas of the country, Easter fires are built and enjoyed by spectators. Another tradition is the sending of Dutch tulips, more than 40,000, to Rome that will decorate St. Peter’s for Easter.

kings-dayWhile Easter is a religious- and family-centered holiday, King’s Day is spent with neighbors and friends, on the streets and in the parks. The King’s Day market is a big draw, when the sidewalks turn into a one huge flea market everywhere you turn. You may know that King’s Day was originally Princess’ Day, for Willem’s grandmother, and celebrated on her birthday when she was just Princess Juliana. When Juliana ascended the throne, the day was now Queen’s Day, and continued to be celebrated on April 30th. When Queen Beatrix, Willem’s mom, ascended the throne, she kept Queen’s Day on the last day of April even though her own birthday was in January. She chose to step down as monarch five years ago, so when her son Willem Alexander became King, the holiday was renamed King’s Day, and moved to April 27, Willem’s birthday.

We know for a fact that Douwe Egberts coffee will be served at these parties because Douwe Egberts is the most popular coffee brand in the Netherlands. We have fresh, Douwe Egberts coffee, made for the European market, and ready to be shipped to you. For the next few days, you will get 15% off your order of Douwe Egberts and Senseo products with no minimum order required.*

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Our Current Favorites From Douwe Egberts


Douwe Egberts Black ground coffee is one of the brand’s special roasts. It’s a customer favorite, gets good reviews online, and in medium coarse grind, Black can be made in several types of coffee makers. The Arabica beans are roasted to create a strong, full-bodied dark roast coffee.

We carry three Douwe Egberts roasts in whole bean:

Mocca Aroma, a full, rich, flavorful coffee, has earthy and spicy notes.

Excellent Aroma is medium bodied coffee, with a smooth and strong flavor.

Aroma Rood is balanced coffee, an aromatic medium roast.

You can try any of these in ground too. Best of all, you get 15% of your order!

The Netherlands In The News

Come On, Get Happy


The United Nations annually surveys people in more than 150 countries, using six factors to gauge overall happiness. Respondents assess their lives against those factors – you’ll see those broken down in the report too. The 2019 report, released last month, shows the Netherlands at fifth, up one from last year’s report. You may recall that the Scandinavians are usually in the top spots: Finland was at the top for the second year in a row, followed by Denmark and Norway, two countries that moved up on the list. Iceland came in at fourth place. The top 10 list rounds out with Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada, and Austria. The U.S. ranks at 19 this year, down slightly from last year.

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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Douwe Egberts, The Netherlands, and Dutch Innovation

The Netherlands is home to Douwe Egberts, so we like to stay tuned into Dutch life, both historically and currently. This week, to celebrate the Netherlands, we have some current news from the region, hot off the presses!
747-haul-across-road-crOne of the things we love about the Netherlands is their commitment to recycling, reuse and sustainability. In this case, it’s the reuse of a Boeing 747, recently decommissioned, now purchased by a Dutch hotel company that owns properties in Amsterdam, Spain, and Turkey. Originally the aircraft was used by the Dutch airline KLM. The plane was driven for its final 8-mile journey to Badhoevedorp from Schiphol International Airport last month, which included making its way across a major highway that had been closed to traffic. Purpose-built roads helped the plane to its final destination. There was even a contest to win tickets to be able to see the journey live and in person, but the hotel chain ended up livestreaming the event anyway. The hotel is only teasing what they plan to do with the purchase, but have stated it will incorporate aviation history and art, plus 3D and more, elements. Anything reusable in the plane was taken by an aircraft recycling company.

LOST-ITEMS-UTRETCHTSpeaking of reuse, this story is about what happens when someone can’t get rid of something. In this case, we’re talking about a Dutch railway company being unable to destroy items lost and left on their trains. After three months of holding the items, those not claimed by the owners are destroyed. But the company was sometimes unable to destroy items, such as two artificial legs (one with a shoe and a sock), an insect collection, a set of babies’ christening robes and a cardboard gravestone. Now displayed in a special case at the railway museum in Utrecht, some items are more than 30 years old. The train company stated that last year, travelers left more than 100,000 items on trains, with more than sixty percent claimed. Bank cards and public transport cards make up about half of what they find.

TIQUETSFinally, in the Dutch spirit of efficiency, four Dutch entrepreneurs have devised a solution to decrease waiting times at museums and other cultural attractions. They developed Tiqets, a platform that allows customers to buy tickets in advance online, no printing or waiting required. The buyer then uses her phone to enter the venue, and the online ordering is available in seven languages. The system has partnered with Google, and is considered one of the best of ticketing systems.

We love the history of Dutch innovation, and that includes the coffees of Douwe Egberts. For more than 265 years, the family-based company has created innovative coffee blends that delight coffee drinkers worldwide. At, we have Douwe Egberts made for the European market directly from the Netherlands. This week, get 15% off your order of Douwe Egberts and Senseo products from our site, and no minimum purchase is necessary.*

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Questions? Call 800.582.6617 Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM ET.

More News From The Netherlands

New National Park To Be Largest In Netherlands

Flevoland-NP-MAPJust a few days ago, provincial authorities in Flevoland, in the northeast of the Netherlands, approved a plan for consolidating several existing nature reserves, creatuing new green spaces and more, all resulting in what will be the largest national park in the Netherlands at over 25 square miles. The development is expected to take 20 years and cost close to 500m euros ($560m USD). The plan includes visitor centers, recreational facilities, restaurants and boat docks, allowing entrance into the park from many areas, where bikes and canoes can also be rented for exploration.

Be Nice Goes Country-Wide

Also just a few days ago, an advertising organization has launched a “Be Nice” campaign after performing research that found people were increasingly being mean to each other. Identifying unkind behavior such as tailgating, ignoring cashiers, harassing public transportation staff, and writing hateful messages on social media, the agency is ramping up the campaign over the next weeks. Reminders will be found on tv, movie theaters and on the radio.

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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