Fair Trade Coffee: What Does It Mean?

The phrase ‘fair trade’ is thrown about quite a bit. When we use the phrase in talking about coffee, we are referring to coffee that is certified as having been produced under fair trade standards.

In coffee-growing regions, smaller family farmers in the area are often secluded, without access to cash or credit. In the past, these growers were forced to accept whatever was offered for their harvest (usually a fraction of the coffee’s worth). Organizations moved into these regions to work within the coffee production chain, to implement and ensure certified processes are followed. Growers partner with the packers, importers and distributors, adhering to specific rules in the production process.

Fair trade also puts restrictions on child labor and pesticide use, while guaranteeing farmers a minimum price for their coffee. As a result, farmers can earn better incomes while improving their lives and their land. There is still much more to be accomplished in the fair trade arena. We at www.EnjoyBetterCoffee.com support what these organizations are doing today and are proud to sell coffee with these certifications.

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Iced Coffee Around Europe

Eiskaffee means “ice-cream coffee” and this recipe will deliver a creamy iced coffee in a snap. Of course, any of our coffees make delicious coffee – iced or hot! But use one of our great German brands of coffee for a true eiskaffee experience. Tchibo Instant coffee and Jacobs Instant coffee are two of the most popular brands on our site and in Germany and get you that much closer to a quick drink. Tchibo and Jacobs also make full-flavored ground and whole bean coffee if that’s how you roll.


1 quart strong instant or fresh-brewed coffee
2 scoops of ice cream (per drink)
Whipped cream
Chocolate chips OR nut brittle


1. Make the coffee. Allow to cool to room temperature, then chill in fridge.

2. Into a tall glass, place 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream.

3. Pour the cooled coffee into the tall glass, leaving a little room below the rim.

4. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle with chocolate or brittle (or both for true decadence). Enjoy.
You’ll find a Caffé Freddo in most coffee bars in Italy. This drink is made of straight espresso that’s been stored in a freezer and is served as a coffee slush. Pour espresso over a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream and you have an Affogato, perfect for dessert. We have a wide range of Italian espresso, including Bristot, Caffe Vergnano, Illy and Lavazza.

Douwe Egberts at EnjoyBetterCoffee.com Today

Everyone knows that the Netherlands are a perfect spot for summer vacation. There are canals, boats, museums, history and stunning architecture all around.

But did you know that Europe’s first permanent space exhibition is in the Netherlands? The Space Expo, which doubles as the visitors’ center for the European Space Agency, has plenty of hands-on experiences. Visitors can see what it was like for the first men on the Moon; experience a simulated launch of a rocket; get up close and personal with test models of European space satellites and learn about how astronauts live and work in space. The complex is found in Noordwijk, a town in the west of the Netherlands. The coastal town is steeped in history as well as being the heart of the bulb-growing region. The beaches, thirteen kilometers in all, get high marks for being alongside restaurants and cafes. The town also hosts many events and festivals during the summer.

2015_Space Expo
We love to write about the Netherlands as it has been the home of Douwe Egberts for more than 260 years.

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Cat Cafes Are SO 2014

2015_Dog yawning with coffee pourYou may recall seeing a couple news bits about coffee shops that have cats for the patrons to pet and cuddle.  They are very popular in several cities around the world. But what about dog lovers? An American woman who used to live in Korea, where she volunteered at a private animal shelter, wondered the same thing. She saw the dogs there being allowed to roam freely in the shelters, which is less stressful for the animals. That sparked the idea to open a café in this country that prepared and served food to patrons while providing a clean space for the dogs to live, including kennels for overnight.

The goal is to take the dogs out of shelters, allow them to be re-housed at the café and then find a new owner (or a new owner find them). This is an expensive enterprise, so a crowdfunding site is helping to raise the $200K needed.

Good Friends Do Spill The Beans…

…At least when it comes to caring for your whole bean coffee! The biggest threats to the taste and freshness of coffee beans are air, moisture and time. In a perfect world, coffee would be ground, brewed and drunk as soon as possible. When you buy fresh beans, you should try to use them within 2 weeks.2014_beans

Storage: Store your beans in the bag in which they were packaged, grinding them as you need them. Roll the top of the bag, forcing out as much air as possible, then seal the bag with tape or a strong clip. You can also store them in an air-tight canister, but make sure the container does not allow light to get in. We do not recommend storing beans (or ground coffee, for that matter) in the freezer or refrigerator. That is because moving coffee (or anything) in and out of the cold allows condensation to form on the coffee. That moisture will then refreeze and thaw each and every time you move it from the cold to the ambient room temperature. This will quickly deplete the flavorful oils of the coffee, making your coffee taste flat. No one likes flat coffee.

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Chinese Teas Arrive at EnjoyBetterTea.com

2014_Chinese Tea with EBT logo

We are always looking for the best teas from the top companies; Chinese teas are top of the line. We now carry 2 new brands of Chinese tea: Temple of Heaven and Tea King. When we enjoy Chinese tea, we are reminded of the legend of the Chinese emperor who discovered tea while traveling. Legend has it that around 2700 BC, the emperor, who dabbled in herbal medicine, preferred to have his water boiled before he drank it. While stopping to rest, water was set to boil. Somehow a leaf from a wild tea bush blew into the water. The emperor tried the drink, found it refreshing, and thus tea was created. Of course, the history of Chinese tea is long and complicated, rich with traditions, craftsmanship and even a bit of mythology. So we will tell you about our new Chinese teas – we are sure you will want to try them!

Temple of Heaven produces Gunpowder Green Tea, one of the most popular types of green tea in China. The tea gets its name from the appearance of the rolled and dried tea leaves, tiny dark pellets similar to the appearance of gunpowder. Green tea, as well as Oolong tea, are rolled into the tight pellets after being picked and withered, allowing them to retain more flavor and aroma while avoiding leaf breakage. Some of the highest grades of tea are rolled by hand even today. When the tea steeps, the pellets unroll, which delivers a soft, golden brew with a hint of smoke. We have this tea in 2 sizes.

The Tea King Tea range has 4 tea blends. We have green tea in bags and loose in a tin, Oolong tea in bags and Litchi Black and Aged Pu Erh available loose in tins. All of these teas are aromatic and special in their own way. (Read more about the spectacular Pu Erh below.)  We love them so much, we want you to try them.  Get 10% off Chinese Teas on www.EnjoyBetterTea.com.*

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Coffee Unites Colombian Community

Deep amidst the Colombian Andes lies the Perija mountain range, one of the remotest coffee-growing regions in the country. This area has 2014_Columbia Mountain Communitybeen hit hard by political violence starting more than 10 years ago. Displaced small-scale farmers lost everything when they fled their homes and paramilitaries moved in. Now, a permanent army battalion is stationed to give the farmers reassurance to be able to return home and start anew. Because coffee has been such an important source of income for the area, a project is helping more than 600 families in the area to help repair homes, replant fields and boost earnings in specialty coffee production. The project is funded and managed through the country’s Coffee Federation, the Douwe Egberts Foundation and the Dutch Embassy using a budget of almost 4 million Euros ($5.5 million USD). About half of the farmers participating in the project earn a premium for the coffee by meeting UTZ Certified requirements for sustainable farming.