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Discover European Boutique Brands at Enjoy Better Coffee


November is the time of year that brings people together. It’s colder, so we’re inside and together more often, and with the holidays coming, we hear from family and friends, and make plans for meeting up. In November in the Nordic countries, the provenance of some of the unique coffee brands in this newsletter, Father’s Day is celebrated. Falling on the second Sunday of November, the day is spent with the closest of family. All that preparation and spending time together means you must have special coffee on hand to share and enjoy.

Boutique European Brands

Arvid Nordquist • Paulig • Löfbergs • Carte Noire • Helmut Sachers

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Experience These Select European Roasts

Arvid Nordquist began in 1884 in a small shop in Stockholm, Sweden and is now a leader in premium coffee, while continually striving to minimize their environmental footprint. Arvid Nordquist is UTZ Certified and CO2 Compensated (you can read more about them on the product page). Try Classic Festivita, a full-bodied extra dark roast, made with 100% Arabica beans.

Four generations have propelled family-owned Swedish brand Löfbergs to become one of the largest coffee roasters in the Nordic countries. We offer two exceptional 100% Arabica ground coffees from Löfbergs. Swedish Fika Medium Roast is a light roast (2 of 5) with a rich taste and aroma, and Swedish Fika Dark Roast is rich and full (4 of 5). Both contain a minimum of thirty percent coffee grown on Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.

Since 1876, Paulig has been roasting and packaging their coffee in Helsinki, Finland. Try Juhla Mokka Ground Coffee, a light-roasted, rich, balanced and intense blend of beans from South America and Africa. Presidentti Ground Coffee is a light roast (1 of 5) from a blend of beans grown in Africa and delivers a strong and rich brew. Both are made from 100% verified, sustainably sourced Arabica beans and are top examples of Finnish coffee.

For almost four decades, Carte Noire has epitomized the L’Art de Vivre. Master blender and roaster Rene Monnier chose to name his brand literally “black card”, with black and gold packaging to reflect sophistication and elegance. We carry Carte Noire in ground, whole beans, instant sticks, pods for the Senseo machine. Discover the everyday luxury of Carte Noire today.

Austrian coffee’s premiere brand is Helmut Sachers. We have Vienna Blend (fine and aromatic), Deluxe (rich and creamy, great for espresso drinks) and Espresso (rich). These roasts are available in both ground and whole beans. Café Superb is a special blend of fine beans roasted slowly, the Viennese way, creating a smoother and full-flavor coffee, and available in ground. We also have a decaffeinated ground coffee with the same full aroma and delicate flavor as Vienna Blend.

We know you’re busy, so take the time now to order before the visiting and the cooking begins! Then it’s the dash to the end of the year holiday. Be sure to watch for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals coming to your mailbox later this week!

And, as always…

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

“The smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the world’s greatest inventions.”

We agree! Around here, somebody’s always brewing a cup throughout the day, and nothing smells or tastes better than a freshly brewed cup of good coffee. We also know that more people than ever are making and drinking coffee at home – almost 80 percent of Americans in a recent industry survey said they had drunk coffee at home the previous day.


Speaking of drinking coffee, would you be surprised to know that $40 billion dollars is spent on coffee per year by consumers? It is the second most-traded commodity after oil.

drinking-coffeeOn average, people in their 20’s start drinking more coffee, as much as 25 percent more. Americans over 60 drink the most coffee, while 37 percent of teens said they drink coffee. Almost half of millennials described the previous day’s cup of coffee as gourmet. In fact, according to the survey, more than half of Americans are specifically choosing gourmet and premium coffees as daily drinks.

Luckily for you, we have delicious premium and special gourmet coffees, made for the European market, so the flavor profile of the coffee is slightly stronger and more intense than American market coffee. We have all the historic European brands, plus several smaller-production roasters. Even better, this week, you can try a new coffee or stock up on your favorites, and we’ll give you 15% off your order of $30 or more.*

Please Use Coupon Code: COFFEE15

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The Best Time To Visit Europe

Fall is the best time to visit Europe for several reasons. For one, tourist season has ended, so less traffic by car and on foot. Also, the heat of summer has led to cooler days (and you may recall, this past summer was one of the hottest on record). Most importantly, air fare is much lower in the fall. Consider these locations:


Rome, Italy. You may have seen in the news that the city government has imposed new regulations on visits to their monuments because of issues with too many tourists. During the fall months, the city returns to its normal pace of local life. Plus, the weather tends to be sunny during the day and chilly at night. We have several brands that offer classic Italian espresso and more, including our huge range of Lavazza, illy’s espresso, exclusive wood-roasted Sant Eustachio, authentic Segafredo, in ground and whole bean options. Several of these brands also come in capsules for Nespresso machines, or pods for espresso machines. You can find these directly by selecting Coffee By Type on our site, and choosing capsules or pods, whichever works in your machine.

paris-fallParis, France. No hordes of tourists, street-side cafes still set up tables and chairs – ask for a blanket if you get chilly – and for a short drive outside the city, you can experience the colors of autumn in a national forest. Capture the flavor of the city of lights with Carte Noire coffee, with its intense and unique aroma, and its classic taste.

Berlin, Germany. The city is easy to walk, especially with fewer tourists, and buildings and other colorful street art make wandering the city a worthwhile endeavor. While it can be chilly, you can warm up with comforting wursts and schnitzel, and follow with one of several iconic German coffee brands. We have you covered there with a wide range of Jacobs, Tchibo and Dallmayr coffees. Be sure to check out specialty roasters, Eilles and Eduscho, too.

The discount is only available for a few days, so order now.

Coffee In The News

How Weird Are These Flavors?

We found a list of coffee drinks specifically listed as weird; these were a few of the most unusual ones.

taco-coffee• Toasted Marshmallow latte
• Maple Bacon coffee
• Chocolate Banana coffee
• Spicy Taco coffee

Who’s up for espresso now?

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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Our New Look Is For You!

We are thrilled to announce we’ve made some changes to our site that will make it much easier to get the coffee you love to drink! If you haven’t been to our site lately, then you don’t know what you’re missing.


We know some of you found it difficult to get to the brand or coffee type pages when you selected from the home page, so we have changed that in a big way. Now the brand names, the types of coffee and tea, brand information, and company information drop down and across, remaining visible while you make your selections. In fact, those selections are links taking you to the page with that information. Even better, you can quickly find the coffee brands you love easily and quickly on the left menu, with an expandable list of Coffee By Brand. Just click on the plus sign for the drop-down menu of the groupings on the brand’s page. Want to see everything with one click? Select the brand or type and go directly there.


Another way to find the coffee you love – and perhaps even discover something new – is checking out Coffee By Type. From there, you will find different types of coffee – pods, capsules, whole bean, instant, to name a few, plus groupings of our brands by country, by organic and sustainable designations, alternatives to coffee, accessories, gift items, and chocolate and cocoa products, again, just to name a few!


Plus find all our teas from our home page menu, or scroll to the bottom of the left menu to see a separate set of links for our tea brands. You can always go back quickly to the top of our home page by using the up arrow displayed on the lower right side of the page.

Our goal is to make shopping at EnjoyBetterCoffee.com easier and more convenient. We welcome your feedback on the changes, so share your thoughts with us in your order comments, through email at support@enjoybettercoffee.com OR on our Facebook page.

In the meantime, be sure to order your favorites while checking out the new layout! We think you’ll find it easier to get around, plus, we will give you 15% off your order this week with no minimum required!*

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Today Is International Coffee Day

International-coffee-day-banner-2019In the United States, International Coffee Day is September 29, 2019, celebrating coffee as the delicious beverage it is. In other parts of the world, National Coffee Day (as it is sometimes called) has most countries celebrating either today or October 1. In 2015, the International Coffee Organization officially designated the day, in Milan, Italy, as a way to promote fair trade coffee and raise awareness of the coffee growers and their challenges bringing their coffee to market. Prior to that, though, other National Coffee Days were marked in various countries. As far back as 1983, Japan began an annual day celebrating coffee; in the USA, it began in 2005, with other countries joining in with their own national day to celebrate this popular beverage. If you didn’t get a Coffee Day greeting card yet, consider this your first! Happy International Coffee Day! Use the discount above to celebrate with all your favorite brews. Don’t wait – this offer expires soon.

Coffee In The News

Most Americans Brew At Home

drip-coffeeResearch found that 89 percent of Americans make their coffee at home, noting that the convenience and cost-savings over a café pickup are fueling the numbers. Using data from 1000 people polled, there were a few other surprises. For instance, only 20 percent drink their coffee black. Two-thirds want to be able to recreate their favorite coffee shop drinks at home, but only one-third think they do it well (rating themselves an “A”). One last disclosure – almost two-thirds of respondents said making coffee was “therapeutic” for them. We say the discount above will help you with some in-home therapy, so order today!

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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Labor Day Savings Are Here!

Take a break this Labor Day weekend and enjoy 15% off your order of $30 or more today through Tuesday at EnjoyBetterCoffee.com.*

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As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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