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It was 125 years ago this year that Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh died in France.  In Holland (and Belgium and France), the artist’s life is being honored with many high-profile exhibitions and festivities. Here are 10 things you should know about this iconic Dutch painter.

1. The painter was born in Groot-Zundert, Netherlands in March 1853. He died in July 1890 at age 37.

2. He was 27 years old when he painted his first piece.

3. When he began painting, he used local peasants as models. He would later paint flowers, landscapes and even himself, in large part because he was too poor to pay proper models.

4. The artist suffered from a type of epilepsy that caused recurrent seizures.

5. It was during a seizure that he tried to attack a friend – Paul Gauguin – with a razor but instead cut off a piece (just a piece) of his own ear.

6. “The Starry Night” was one of his most famous works. He painted it while in an asylum in France.

7. In the short ten years he painted, van Gogh created about 900 paintings.

8. There are several theories about what caused his death, including that he shot himself then died 2 days later. His last words, in French, were “the sadness will last forever.”

9. The artist visually depicted turbulence, a complex mathematical principle, in several paintings completed during particularly chaotic times in his life.

10. And finally, and this is probably most surprising, Vincent sold only one painting in his lifetime and only became famous after his death.
2015_van Gogh Painting
Because this is a commemorative year celebrating the painter’s life, there are many travel tours offered for visitors including cycling through the cities and areas where he was born, where he lived and other important places in his life. No visit to Holland to learn about van Gogh would be complete without a visit to the van Gogh museum in Amsterdam of course.

Even if Amsterdam is on your travel plans this year, you can enjoy a Ted talk on our Facebook page about his “Starry Night” painting and the secrets behind it while you sip some delicious Douwe Egberts coffee.

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Everyone knows that the Netherlands are a perfect spot for summer vacation. There are canals, boats, museums, history and stunning architecture all around.

But did you know that Europe’s first permanent space exhibition is in the Netherlands? The Space Expo, which doubles as the visitors’ center for the European Space Agency, has plenty of hands-on experiences. Visitors can see what it was like for the first men on the Moon; experience a simulated launch of a rocket; get up close and personal with test models of European space satellites and learn about how astronauts live and work in space. The complex is found in Noordwijk, a town in the west of the Netherlands. The coastal town is steeped in history as well as being the heart of the bulb-growing region. The beaches, thirteen kilometers in all, get high marks for being alongside restaurants and cafes. The town also hosts many events and festivals during the summer.

2015_Space Expo
We love to write about the Netherlands as it has been the home of Douwe Egberts for more than 260 years.

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Douwe Egberts is a company known for having great coffee while actively working for environmental sustainability. You may also know that they are often at the cutting edge of marketing for their products too. (Remember the coffee machine at the airport that you could earn a free coffee when you stood in front of it and yawned?) You may not know, though, that in Holland today, Douwe Egberts coffee comes with a label marked with ‘value points’ that savers can use to get gifts. (For Americans, think Green Stamps and in the U.K. they are known as Green Shield Stamps, but it’s the same basic idea.) Sadly, the point system is not available with our Douwe Egberts coffee or redeemable in the United States.

Douwe Egberts launched the gift system with value points in 1924 as a way to build brand loyalty. The labels are worth points that when collected and totaled, could be redeemed for gifts. The point system still exists and is actually the oldest active value points system in the country. In the great Dutch tradition of helping, regional volunteers from schools and shops collect the labels in order to redeem them for coffee that is then donated to local food banks. Late last year, a Lions Club organization collected more than 800,000 points, the most ever from one organization. This allowed for the purchase of 1665 packs of Douwe Egberts coffee for the food bank. Nationally, the collection effort resulted in almost 60 million coffee points, which overall accounts for 120,000 packs of coffee to food banks across the Netherlands.

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Party On!

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It’s Party Time! With the upcoming holidays, many of us will be planning or hosting or attending events with the family, friends and neighbors. This week, we are sharing some tips and suggestions to help you get through the holiday party season without added stress!

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For The Host

First of all, if you’re hosting, you must have coffee available, regular and decaf, at any holiday gathering. There are always guests who like coffee (or tea), whether they are drinking adult beverages or not.

We love the idea of a “Coffee Bar”. (We hear they are all the rage at weddings these days!) Have at least 2 urns or carafes of coffee (Regular and Decaf; more options could include French Press, Espresso or flavored coffees). Then, stock the table with cups, spoons and a variety of stir-in options. Any or all of these are great complements to coffee:

Chocolate shavings Ice cream Nutmeg
Whipped Cream Flavored creamers Cinnamon
Tiny chocolates Flavored syrups Orange peel
Kahlua Frangelico Chambord
Whiskey Cognac Raw Unrefined sugar/Sugar cubes

If You’re a Guest, Try This

So many open houses, so little time. In the spirit of giving, it is always appropriate to bring something for the hostess. We recommend coffee – either beans or ground or just a special roast – as a gift that is always appreciated.

Today at

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Can you believe it’s already time to start planning for the holidays? Thanksgiving is a mere two weeks from this week! Then it is just 27 days between Black Friday and Christmas. One week after that, it’s 2015.
As you’re planning for the holiday meals, be sure to include your favorite coffees from Check out our “Order By” dates below to ensure you have everything you need in time!

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