Party On!

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It’s Party Time! With the upcoming holidays, many of us will be planning or hosting or attending events with the family, friends and neighbors. This week, we are sharing some tips and suggestions to help you get through the holiday party season without added stress!

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For The Host

First of all, if you’re hosting, you must have coffee available, regular and decaf, at any holiday gathering. There are always guests who like coffee (or tea), whether they are drinking adult beverages or not.

We love the idea of a “Coffee Bar”. (We hear they are all the rage at weddings these days!) Have at least 2 urns or carafes of coffee (Regular and Decaf; more options could include French Press, Espresso or flavored coffees). Then, stock the table with cups, spoons and a variety of stir-in options. Any or all of these are great complements to coffee:

Chocolate shavings Ice cream Nutmeg
Whipped Cream Flavored creamers Cinnamon
Tiny chocolates Flavored syrups Orange peel
Kahlua Frangelico Chambord
Whiskey Cognac Raw Unrefined sugar/Sugar cubes

If You’re a Guest, Try This

So many open houses, so little time. In the spirit of giving, it is always appropriate to bring something for the hostess. We recommend coffee – either beans or ground or just a special roast – as a gift that is always appreciated.


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Can you believe it’s already time to start planning for the holidays? Thanksgiving is a mere two weeks from this week! Then it is just 27 days between Black Friday and Christmas. One week after that, it’s 2015.
As you’re planning for the holiday meals, be sure to include your favorite coffees from Check out our “Order By” dates below to ensure you have everything you need in time!

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Make A Difference!

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This last weekend marked Make a Difference Day, an event celebrated on the fourth Saturday in October. For more than 20 years, this celebration has encouraged community service with the goal of improving the lives of others. Teams of volunteers can compete for grants, while other organizations work within the communities to address specific concerns.

You can make a difference in someone’s life just by asking them over for coffee. It’s that easy! In honor of making a difference, we will give you $5 off your order on when you spend $30 or more.*

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Douwe Egberts: The Coffee of The Netherlands


The Netherlands is a great place to visit any time of year. Because the country is relatively small, it’s not only possible, it is also quite easy to see several cities in Satellite_image_of_the_Netherlandsthis beautiful country on a single trip. If you ever get to go, here are some cities you should be sure to check out for their culture and their history. Let’s begin! The Hague is the city by the sea, the seat of the country’s government and the home base of the royal family. M.C. Escher, one of the most famous Dutch artists in the world, has a permanent exhibit in a royal winter palace there. The city has a beautiful park (think NYC’s Central Park), a Pier and a promenade by which to view the sea. From there, due east is Utrecht, home to 70,000+ students, so it’s no surprise that the city has many lively bars and cafes. The Domtoren is the tallest church tower in the Netherlands, its Gothic architecture reminiscent of the Middle Ages. In a few years, the city will have completed development of the world’s largest bike park, able to accommodate 12,500 bikes. (In The Netherlands, everybody rides!) Drive southeast to find Eindhoven, the Technology hub of the country. Here you will find the headquarters of Philips, a contemporary art museum named The Van Abbemuseum and a futuristic mall building made almost entirely out of glass. These are just a few cities you can visit. Don’t forget about Amsterdam (canals, museums and cafes), Rotterdam (modern architecture) and Delft, home of the blue and white pottery so loved around the world.

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Douwe Egberts On Sale Through February 25, 2014

There is so much to admire and respect about The Netherlands! Sure, it is home to Douwe Egberts – and has been for well over 250 years. There is so much more to this small country, though. The Netherlands has always shown liberal and tolerant attitudes with cultural and social matters. Dutch painters are arguably the best in the world. And this year, at the winter Olympics, The Netherlands has ruled in speed skating.

2014_Olympic Speed SkatingIn the middle of last week, The Netherlands had as many medals in speed skating (21) as other nations had in all sports combined! With one day to go, The Netherlands is in 5th place in the medal count, with 24 total medals.  [The Dutch Olympic Teams placed 5th overall, immediately after the United States in the standings.]  That the Dutch team is the third-smallest delegation makes this even more impressive. There has been a lot of talk in the media about their complete dominance of this event! They have ruled the podium.

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Coffee Review: Douwe Egberts’ Select Aroma

Have you ever had a cup of coffee in a restaurant that just tasted so good, so flavorful, so perfect at the end of your meal?  I think we all have had that experience.  Sometimes, I thought it was more about having just had a great meal, good company and a tasty dessert that made the coffee taste just right.  But now I know better…

I was initially surprised to learn that Douwe Egberts’ coffees are commonly served in fine restaurants!  I always love walking into any restaurant and smelling the brewing coffee, a smell that gives me pleasant and enjoyable thoughts.  Having tried Douwe Egberts Select Aroma to write this review, I suspect I had been having Douwe Egberts coffee in restaurants far more often than I realized.

Select Aroma comes in the brand’s new packaging:  Silver-colored (for the Aroma blend) soft-side package, with a solid bottom and box-top lid.  A gold-foil cover seals in the coffee.

According to the package, the coffee has a gentle taste with a refined aroma and that great fun begins when you squeeze the pack!  Open it and discover the enticing aroma, the packaging beckons.  I found that the coffee does have a lovely aroma.  Right from the package, it has a fresh and strong aroma, but definitely not overpowering.  I thought it smelled just as coffee should.

Brewing it in my drip coffeemaker, I found the ground version to be the right texture for the drip maker.  After a few moments of drinking in the aroma, I took a few sips.  This coffee is smooth!  While it smells strong and dark, it has a mild flavor and a very satisfying flavor.  It tastes as good as it smells, which reminds me exactly of coffee in a restaurant.  I would drink it as a daily coffee, and I would serve it to guests on special occasions.  It is not the least expensive of the Douwe Egberts brand, but it is well-priced so you can have it for daily drinking and special events. sells Select Aroma in ground 8.8oz packages for $7.49; we also sell these in cases of 12, which will save you over 60 cents per package.

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As always, enjoy better coffee!

Coffee: Restaurant Brewing vs Home Brewing

The question our customer support gets most often is along the line of this: “I was in a restaurant and had the best coffee I ever tasted in my life. They told me It was Douwe Egberts. I had the decaf and it was equally as tasty. What coffee I should buy that is similar to the one I had in the restaurant?”

Unfortunately the answer is not as simple as you would think.  Restaurants use liquid coffee concentrate that is diluted in special commercial coffee makers. Neither the machine nor the coffee concentrate is available for home use. Moreover, there is no coffee like the food service version in the retail variety options.  We always suggest trying the Douwe Egberts Excellent Aroma or Select Aroma as they both are similar to the restaurant version. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee its similarity with restaurant coffees, but it is delicious!

Have you had this dilemma?  What do you think?  Please comment on this post.
Share your knowledge – help others!  And, as always, enjoy better coffee!