Jacobs Douwe Egberts Supports Climate Smart Agriculture

Douwe Egberts Instant Coffee In The News

In the Vietnamese Central Highlands (also known as the “Kingdom of Coffee”), the climate is perfect for coffee plants. Because of the ideal combination of rain and sun on the rich soil of these mountains, most of the country’s coffee crop is grown there, and it’s the reason Vietnam is the world’s second largest coffee exporter.

DE-Sustainability-Project-crA new project to train coffee farmers in sustainable practices was just announced this month. Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) has partnered with a leading business firm based in the Netherlands that has enterprises in the agriculture, food processing, shipping, and finance industries. The three-year plan is to train Vietnamese coffee farmers in climate change resilience techniques, fertilizing, and work safety. Another agricultural solutions leader is on board too, helping the farmers meet growing product demand, especially in sourcing traceability and safety. The $1 million (USD) project will help 3000 farmers in the Dak Lak, Dak Nong, and Gia Lai provinces of Vietnam. Because JDE “recognizes the various environmental and social issues that go with coffee cultivation,” it’s a great match for the farmers.

Starting with 30 demonstration plots about 1-2 hectares each, various approaches to soil and fertilizer management, crop protection products, and irrigation will be tested. The most successful techniques will be then used across 300 hectares of coffee farms. This project is similar to another initiative we shared with you in 2016, where another 3000 farmers in the Central Highlands region were similarly trained.

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The Netherlands In The News

Housing Complex Is World’s First

netherlands-3d-printed-homes-crNext year, the city of Eindhoven, Netherlands, will unveil the first ever 3-D-printed home. The first is expected to have three bedrooms, printed in concrete by a robotic arm. An advantage to printing the pod-like homes is the customizable components, even for natural objects found on the home’s plot. In addition, the process of building is shortened from months to weeks, and the robots will replace the need for craftsmen such as masons and carpenters. Monthly rental is set to be between $1000 and $1400 USD. As the technology improves and becomes more popular, experts predict the prices will come down to make the housing more affordable in the future.

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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Baby, You’re A Firework…

…Come on let your colors burst!  ~Katy Perry2016_Fireworks Competition The Netherlands

Did you know that the Netherlands – home to Douwe Egberts – has hosted an international fireworks competition for more than 30 years? The event, known as the Scheveningen International Fireworks Festival, draws tens of thousands of visitors from several countries. Scheveningen is a seaside town, outside The Hague, and shows take place after dark on the beach over 4 evenings. The celebration includes fire-eaters, jugglers, dancers and music groups strolling the boardwalk as part of this festival.

The rules of engagement are strict: Contestants all have the same budget, with 80% of their fireworks required to be produced in their own country. The display should take about 12 minutes. This year, last Friday and Saturday (12-13 Aug) and next Friday and Saturday are the nights of the shows. In addition to the Netherlands, Belgian, China, Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland and South Korea are all competing.

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Douwe Egberts & Senseo Know Good Coffee


2014_Netherlands Orange_1905
The Netherlands International Team (circa 1905)

Did you know that as you read this the World Cup is happening in Brazil? Since early June, soccer teams from all around the world, including the U.S., have been competing in Brazil to move forward in the race to the championship finals. But did you know that the Netherlands is one of the better teams playing in this World Cup series? They are predicted to make it to the quarterfinals this time. The Dutch have been a powerhouse on the field (or shall we say ‘pitch’?) for decades, when some say they reinvented the game with a new focus on passing. In fact, the team has been referred to as “Clockwork Orange” for their precision passing. World Cup Soccer championships occur every four years, since 1930, except during WWII, this being the 20th World Cup. The Dutch teams have been in the finals 4 times in World Cup history, thrice making it to second place (Runner-up). When you consider that this is only the 20th time the World Cup is taking place, that is not bad for a country of only 17 million people. So far this year, the Orange hammered Spain 5-1, shut out Chile at 2-0, won by 1 over both Australia and Mexico, fans continue to cheer them on against Costa Rica as we go to press.  (UPDATE:  The Netherlands won the match in a dramatic penalty shoot-out!)

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Coffee Capsules, Pods and Cartridges But Were Afraid To Ask

2014_Coffee Question Mark Logo

We get a lot of questions about our coffee pods, capsules and cartridges so we are devoting this week to try to clear up any confusion.

Let’s start with some key dates in Europe’s single-serve coffee history.

1988 – The first single serve coffee machine, the Nespresso system, becomes a business success. Within a couple years, Nespresso machines are sold in Europe; other contracts with Krups, Phillips, Siemens and De’Longhi were soon signed.

1989 – Lavazza sells the Espresso Point machine using capsules.

2001 – Senseo obtains a patent for coffee pods that can be used in multiple machines.

2003 – Lavazza debuts the BLUE machine (“Best Lavazza Ultimate Espresso”), mostly used in business and vending machines initially.

(NOTE: K-Cups are not included in this list as the product is for US distribution only.)

As you can see, the single-serve coffee machines have been around for a while. It is only in this last decade that the market exploded with choices and flavors and styles.

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What goes where?

Coffee Pods:  Neat and Biodegradable 

We have 2 types of coffee pods: Coffee Pods for Senseo type coffee makers and Pods for Espresso makers. Senseo pods work with Senseo coffee machines, or machines compatible with Senseo.Senseo pods

You can find a huge selection of our Senseo pods from the left menu on our home page. Try Medium roast or Dark roast, Brazil or Columbian roast or espresso or decaf. We have other brands of coffee in pods that can be used in Senseo machines. Check out our selection of Dallmayr and Carte Noire coffee pods. All our different pods are listed under the Coffee Pods page under Coffee By Type on the bottom left side menu of our website.

Capsules:  Coffee the Easy Way!

Coffee machines that use capsules of ground coffee have been around since Nespresso debuted its innovative coffee maker in the 80’s. The earliest systems were considered closed, so that only one brand of capsule worked in brand’s machines. More recently, Lavazza, Espresso Point and others have created open systems, which mean that the coffee machines use generic capsules that are not tied to any single company.

Coffee Capsules are usually single-serve coffee packed into either plastic or aluminum packages. We have several different sorts of capsules:

  • Nespresso – We have a large selection of coffee in Nespresso-compatible capsules
  • Lavazza Espresso Point – We have Caffe Vergnano, Lavazza and Pellini coffees available for this machine
  • Lavazza Blue (“Best Lavazza Ultimate Espresso”) – We have 6 espresso versions for this machine
  • Segafredo – We have 3 types of Segafredo espresso capsules plus a decaffeinated version

2014_Capsule Nespresso2014_Capsule Espresso Point

2014_Capsule Blue2014_Capsule Segafredo

These capsules are not interchangeable! Be sure to read the capsule descriptions to make sure that you are ordering the capsules you need for the type of machine you have. We know that coffee capsules can be confusing! Remember that coffee pods are different from, and are not interchangeable with, any sort of capsule. Just take a deep breath – and double check your order. Please call if you want us to help you figure out what you need.

All our different capsules are listed under the Coffee Capsules page under Coffee By Type on the bottom left side menu of our website.

Espresso:  Just For Espresso Machines2014_Hausbrandt Espresso Pods

We have another type of coffee pod designed for certain espresso machines. The coffee in these pods is specifically selected, roasted and packaged for espresso machines, so the pods are somewhat smaller and the coffee is pressed tightly in the pod.

We have several brands of these pods/capsules including Hausbrandt Espresso Pods, Caffe Vergnano 1882 Espresso Capsules as well as a variety of their extremely popular Nespresso capsules and Kimbo and Segafredo roasts in pods or capsules.



Coffee Pod or Pad?

When the Senseo Coffee machine and the individual pods were first introduced, they were called “koffiepad” which translates to Senseo pods“Coffee cushion”. That is because on one side the pods, or pads, are flat, and on the other side they are slightly rounded.  You may see “pad” on labels in place of “pod”, but it is the same thing.