Do Super-Agers Drink Coffee?

Small Italian Village Populated With Super-Agers

Acciaroli, Italy, is a small town of 700 in a region south of Naples.  This place is unusual because one in eig2016_espresso cup fillinght citizens there is over 100 years old.  And, they are healthy, happy and active.  Doctors studied the residents and asked a lot of questions.  Significant factors in the centenarians’ health is strong blood supply to the muscles (similar to people 30 years younger); no signs of dementia or confusion; low rates of heart disease compared to European averages; all claim to live simple, healthy lifestyles, including getting regular exercise.  Their diet includes locally-produced olive oil, local red and white wine (just a swig), and lots of the herb rosemary (cooked in foods or chewed raw).  The region itself does not house any large industry, and the air is clear and free of pollution.  But of course, the most important question from us is whether or not super-agers drink coffee.  And, guess what, they do!  On average, super-agers drink 1-2 cups per day.  Acciarolians obviously drink Italian espresso.  Just sayin’.

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Autumn: Perfect For Visiting Holland

With (astronomical) fall officially arriving in a few days, it got us thinking about this season as it is in the Netherlands, home of Douwe Egberts. The autumnal weather in the country comes with a chill, with highs in the fifties (Fahrenheit).

Arriving at Amsterdam’s Central Station, the historic monument and working central station, you’d need a scarf and gloves – the wind is biting! — as you navigate the narrow streets within the city. The station was built in the 1880’s, designed by the same architect who conceived the Rijksmuseum, also known as the Dutch National museum, which is nearby. Everyone gets a selfie in front of the station where giant letters spell out the city’s name.

Walk down the Damrak (main road) from the station and in five minutes, you arrive at Dam Square. Here the Royal Palace stands, build in the 17th century. It is no longer home to the Dutch royal family, but is still used to hold official receptions. Across the square is the National Monument statue, erected in memory of Dutch soldiers and members of the resistance who died during World War 2.

As beautiful as the monuments and architecture are in the Netherlands, no trip would be complete without a good cup of Douwe Egberts coffee as you sit at a small café table. It might be cold outside, but like any hearty Dutch citizen, it is worth it to enjoy the sights from your chair. The coffee warms you in many ways.

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2015_Italian Flag of coffee beans

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2014_Black and creamed coffee with logoWe don’t just mean it’s in the DNA of all of us here at EnjoyBetterCoffee.com, but literally it’s in all human DNA. Researchers just published their findings from multiple studies looking at coffee consumption and the DNA variation in a specific gene. It turns out that people with this specific variation in a gene called PDSS2 have a reduced ability to breakdown caffeine, causing it to stay in the body for longer. These people would not need to drink as much coffee to get the same caffeinated bump.

One study was conducted in several Italian villages with about one thousand participants. Researchers found that people with the gene variation drank fewer cups of coffee than people without the variation. Another study was replicated in the Netherlands with almost two thousand people. That study found the gene ‘effect’ was slightly lower than the Italian study. It is possible that this difference is related to the way the Dutch drink coffee in larger cups compared to smaller cups of espresso that Italians drink. Several universities, medical organizations and Illy coffee were involved in the research, but it should be noted that Illy did not provide any financial support for the studies.

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