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The Netherlands is the home to this iconic brand, and we enjoy writing about this unique country. We especially like to highlight sights to see on a visit and other things that make this area special.

So how about a trip to the floating flower market in the largest city of the region? The Amsterdam Flower Market is the only floating flower market in the world, smells wonderful and is open all year round! The market has been there since 1862, right on the Singel canal, when boats were used to deliver the flowers to the vendors.

While the market is one of the main flower suppliers in town, the souvenir shops alongside also draw a crowd. The flower market is open every day of the week.


While the market has the freshest flowers, bulbs and seeds, Enjoy Better Coffee has the freshest coffee from the Netherlands. In fact, we just got a shipment in, right off the boat, as it were! And, this is our deal for you today:  Take 10% off your order of Douwe Egberts products with no minimum order!*

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[Another in our series on great coffee places.]

Recently, we heard some people talking about visiting Holland. After hearing more, we realized what they really meant was that they were traveling to the Netherlands.

Some people refer to the country of the Netherlands as “Holland” but that is not accurate.

Holland, to the Dutch, refers to the 2 provinces of North- and South-Holland (highlighted in orange, the country color). The Kingdom of the Netherlands is comprised of 12 provinces, and refers to the entire nation. Although they are used interchangeably, now you know which is which.

We enjoy writing about the Netherlands, because that is where Douwe Egberts began and still exists there more than 260 years later.

We know you enjoy Douwe Egberts too, so we are offering 10% off all our Douwe Egberts and Senseo products with no minimum order. at http://www.EnjoyBetterCoffee.com.*

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PS – The shipment we just received of Douwe Egberts coffee includes a new roast in ground:  Douwe Egberts Dessert coffee in 8.8oz/250g packages. This well-balanced blend is mild, good for drinking anytime, not just for dessert! Be one of our first customers to tell us about it! Order today.

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In honor of Columbus Day, we have a deal that lets you discover something new.  With this week’s discount, you can select one of three of our most popular coffees as our gift to you when you spend $30 or more at www.EnjoyBetterCoffee.com.*

Tchibo Exclusive: From Germany, this premium coffee is super-smooth and intense. Drink it anytime.

Lavazza Crema Gusto: Distinctive, with an intense aroma, strong crema with chocolate notes in flavor and aroma. This is great Italian coffee.

Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood: Holland’s most popular coffee blend is rich, full-bodied and balanced. It is smooth from start to finish.

Please write:  Tchibo Exclusive -or-  Lavazza Crema Gusto -or-  Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood in the Order Comments section at checkout to receive a free 8.8oz package of that coffee.

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Autumn: Perfect For Visiting Holland

With (astronomical) fall officially arriving in a few days, it got us thinking about this season as it is in the Netherlands, home of Douwe Egberts. The autumnal weather in the country comes with a chill, with highs in the fifties (Fahrenheit).

Arriving at Amsterdam’s Central Station, the historic monument and working central station, you’d need a scarf and gloves – the wind is biting! — as you navigate the narrow streets within the city. The station was built in the 1880’s, designed by the same architect who conceived the Rijksmuseum, also known as the Dutch National museum, which is nearby. Everyone gets a selfie in front of the station where giant letters spell out the city’s name.

Walk down the Damrak (main road) from the station and in five minutes, you arrive at Dam Square. Here the Royal Palace stands, build in the 17th century. It is no longer home to the Dutch royal family, but is still used to hold official receptions. Across the square is the National Monument statue, erected in memory of Dutch soldiers and members of the resistance who died during World War 2.

As beautiful as the monuments and architecture are in the Netherlands, no trip would be complete without a good cup of Douwe Egberts coffee as you sit at a small café table. It might be cold outside, but like any hearty Dutch citizen, it is worth it to enjoy the sights from your chair. The coffee warms you in many ways.

Take away the chill of the season with 10% off all products under the Douwe Egberts section of www.EnjoyBetterCoffee.com.*

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2016_Amsterdam Panaramic View from canal

The Netherlands has been home to Douwe Egberts for 260 years.

In the recent news, we discovered several ‘firsts’ for this beautiful country.

Did you know that an osprey (a fish eagle) 2016_Osprey in Flighthatched for the first time ever in the Netherlands? Normally, the country is a just a stop-over for these birds as they migrate to northern and eastern Europe. Last month, State Forestry officials noticed a pair brooding. The location is deliberately being kept secret.

Would you be surprised to know that the world’s first underwater musical band performed in Rotterdam just this week? (Yes, performing underwater is now a thing.) The band used specially-designed instruments and a special vocal technique for underwater singing. Check out the link on our Facebook page for more on this performance.

In the first of its kind, a medical center will depend on cloud-based data analysis for research from multiple sources within the campus. Data includes medical records, medical imaging and genomics, a cutting-edge discipline that leverages DNA data to improve drug treatment results with cancer and other diseases. Although the technology is in use for condition-specific research, this effort will be the first to aggregate data across an entire institution.

Douwe Egberts as a company boasts many firsts too. Douwe Egberts was one of the first coffee roasters in the history of roasting and selling coffee. The company was the first to start a loyalty program for frequent buyers. In 1925, the red DE seal 2016_DE Red Seal early versionappeared for the first time.   In 1967, Douwe Egberts coffee was advertised on television for the first time. Douwe Egberts coffee is delicious, whether it is your first time trying it or just your first time trying it today.

So go ahead – try a new roast, stock up on your favorite roast or splurge on several roasts. We will give you 10% off your order on www.EnjoyBetterCoffee.com with no minimum order required.*

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2015_Merry Christmas 10 perc off at EBC

Please enjoy 10% off of your Christmas order at EnjoyBetterCoffee.com.*


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2015_DE Holland In Fall Canal

We Gotta Feeling…

In Holland, the Dutch have a term that many say is really about what the Dutch culture is all about, and it is not a term easily translated. The word is gezelligheid, and depending on context, can mean a variety of things. On one level, it can mean fun, cozy, quaint or nice in regards to a place, person or event (a gezellig party, a fun party; a gezellig room, an inviting room). The word also suggests a feeling, that of time spent with loved ones, of belonging, of being together. (Gezel means friend.) Some would say connectedness is the core of gezelligheid. And, some might even say there are degrees of connectedness: You are at a party with friends, that is gezellig. The music playing in the background is touching your soul, so now it is more gezellig. The colors around you are also influencing you, so you are having a pretty full gezellig experience!

We aren’t doing the word justice, but then it is considered untranslatable. But we do know that this feeling of belonging is very important and cherished in Holland. And, what better time of year to find gezelligheid and experience the world in a gezellig way!

Enjoy some delicious Douwe Egberts coffee cozy up as you spend time with friends and family – and hopefully, you get a few minutes to yourself (which can be gezellig too!).

As an early gift to you, please take 10% off all Douwe Egberts coffee on www.EnjoyBetterCoffee.com with no minimum order*

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