Coffee Reviews Here!

We will start publishing the first of the reviews of our coffees this week. We invite you to be a guest blogger and review one of your favorites from our site! Post a comment here or send an email to As always, we want you to Enjoy Better Coffee!

Coffee Review: Jacobs Kronung

Jacobs Kronung is the best of the Jacobs’ coffees.  In fact, “Kronung” mean “coronation” or “crowning”.   The blend of beans, roasted the Jacobs’ way, gives it a smooth texture and a rich aroma.  Jacobs believes in roasting coffee to extract the character and structure of the beans, which gives its own special taste.

Jacobs began roasting coffee in 1895 in Germany, and today, Jacobs is the best-selling coffee in that country.  Consistently, devotees describe the rich, full flavor, combined with low acidity as the perfect cup of coffee for any time of day.  It is a medium roast, but the smooth texture and the bold flavor combine to give it almost, but not quite, a dark roast coffee experience.

We have Kronung in a variety of blends:  Mild or Balanced; we offer it ground, whole bean or instant; and decaf.  We also have a variety of sizes that allow you to sample or stock up until our next shipment.  If the aroma of coffee is what you enjoy most about coffee, then you must try Kronung today!  Enjoy Better Coffee today!

Coffee Review: Douwe Egberts’ Aroma Rood

One of Douwe Egberts’ most popular coffees is Aroma Rood (pronounced “rote”, Dutch for “red”, which we suspect refers to the packaging).  Why is it so popular, you may ask?  Well, for one, it is often served in restaurants, from casual places to fine dining establishments.  As a medium roast, it is intended to appeal to a wide group of coffee drinkers.  Most importantly, it is popular because of its consistency in flavor.  Those who love Aroma Rood use the same words to describe it:  Balanced (flavor and acidity), aromatic, smooth, rich.  Many drink it without milk or sugar (even when they normally use milk and sugar) because of Aroma Rood’s own special sweetness.  The combination of strong Robusta beans and aromatic Arabica beans come together in a symphony of flavor through the Douwe Egberts’ roasting process.

We here at Enjoy Better Coffee like it because of all these characteristics.  Aroma Rood is one of our best sellers, and honestly, when we get a new shipment, it is one of the first that we sell out quickly.  We like it for being a great, full-flavor alternative to dark roast coffees.  For us, it has a very real coffee taste, the taste that we want to enjoy as we make our way through the day.  Our owner Victor says he would drink this coffee all the time.

We offer this coffee ground and in whole bean, which from comments on the web appears hard to find.  We have an assortment of sizes, too, so there is something for everyone.

Short Film Series: The Story of Coffee and You

Douwe Egberts has created 3 short films about the history of coffee, each about 5 minutes long.  Starting with its discovery (know where?), to its role over the years, to its place in our lives today.  The series is narrated by James Nesbitt, an English actor that will be seen in the upcoming Hobbit movies. 

Here is Part 1 Espresso, the story, the coffee and you