Coffee Review: KIMBO Gold Medal Italian Espresso Coffee

Someone once said “Espresso yourself!”

Once upon a time, I was afraid to espresso myself.  Espresso will be too strong, I worried.  It will be too bitter, I feared.  I can’t have it with milk and sugar, I fretted.  Of course, my concerns were far overrated – in fact, I have come to enjoy espresso, especially when I need a little pick-me-up!  (And, even better, I don’t feel too “hyped up” by it!)

So it was with some trepidation combined with a sincere desire to give espresso a chance, though, that I tried Caffe KIMBO Gold Medal Italian Espresso Coffee.

The ground coffee smelled strong, reminding me of a dark roast.  I noticed a subtle hint of chocolate in the aroma, along with a faintcitrus fragrance.

After brewing KIMBO espresso coffee in my drip brewer, I took a moment to breathe in the aroma.  The ground coffee smelled like a dark roast.  The brewed coffee smelled rich.  Sipping just the black coffee, I found it to be mellow, with a slight bitterness.  I added my usual milk and 1 sugar and enjoyed how full of rich flavor the coffee was.  I found the flavor to be smooth and balanced, a full-bodied coffee with a rich texture, which I really enjoyed the most!

KIMBO Gold Medal is primarily Arabica beans ground to medium coarse so it can be used in drip and French Press coffee makers.  EnjoyBetter has 8.8oz/250g vacuum-packed bags of ground Gold Medal coffee.  KIMBO also makes several other roasts in ground, decaf and whole bean.

If this is the coffee that one would drink in Naples, Italy, then sipping a cup of KIMBO on a Neopolitan piazza is now on my bucket list!

The Kamm Teapot Foundation Site

This couple has been collecting teapots for over 35 years. This link to their site shows off some of their 10,000 items in the collection. They are looking to find a museum to accommodate their pieces of art. Let’s hope they do! Check out the beautifu art:

Our Valentine’s Day Wish for you…

How sweet coffee tastes!

Lovelier than a thousand kisses,

Sweeter far than muscatel wine!

–          Johann Sebastian Bach, Composer  (1685 – 1750)

Here’s to love AND coffee!

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Pure as an Angel, Sweet as Love

This line purports to be from a centuries-old recipe for coffee.  We liked it because it reminded us that coffee is a great Valentine’s Day gift!

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It is a medium to dark roast, ground for most coffee makers, with a great aroma (of course!).

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As always, Enjoy Better Coffee!