Keepin’ it Fresh

Keepin it Fresh

Did you know coffee storage can greatly impact the taste, freshness, and aroma of coffee? Learn tips from on how to properly store your coffee, and help keep it fresher longer by clicking here.


Leadership. Innovation. Distinction. All That And A Great Cup of Coffee!

Douwe Egberts has always been an innovative leader since the company’s  humble beginnings more than 260 years ago. Young Egbert Douwes ran a local grocery shop selling fresh-roasted coffee in Joure, Netherlands in the early days of the company. Today, the company is a world sales leader and the most-enjoyed coffee in the Netherlands. Between then and now, the company introduced its brand’s iconic red seal, instant coffee sold in jars, a single-serve coffee machine named Senseo, a purchase loyalty system, and Pickwick Tea. Douwe Egberts also advertised on a new device called television, received a Royal designation from the Queen on their 200th anniversary, and built a massive headquarters and nearby processing plant. And, that’s just to name a few.

At, we appreciate the care and thought that goes into innovation, and being a world leader in coffee production. Enjoy the taste, and the deal, we have on Douwe Egberts and Senseo products with no minimum purchase required.*

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PS:  We have 12-packs of ground Douwe Egberts Black and Douwe Egberts Mocca that come with a beautiful white ceramic cup with the Douwe Egberts red seal. Douwe Egberts Black is a dark roast, strong and full-bodied, made of 100% Arabica beans. Douwe Egberts Mocca Aroma ground coffee is a medium/dark roast having a full and rich taste and aroma. The blend includes 10% Robusta beans. This is a special deal that will work with the discount above, so order by tomorrow so you won’t miss out on both specials!


New Product Alert: J.J. Darboven German, Swiss and Austrian Coffees


What do Germany, Switzerland and Austria have in common? Well, probably a few things, but nothing more important than our new coffee lines! Introducing four new brands that each have something special to offer you. But first, let’s talk about the international company that brings them to us.

Johann J. Darboven founded a company in 1866 in Hamburg, Germany. An innovator, he pioneered delivering roasted coffee in bags to his customers. Within a few years, he was awarded a medal for his 100+ varieties of coffee at an international horticultural exhibition. A generation later, his sons successfully marketed a coffee under the brand name IDEE (Idea). IDEE was (and still is) produced with a special refining process developed by the Hygienic Institute in Hamburg. The beans are treated to reduce irritants and bitter flavors while preserving the taste, and the caffeine of the coffee. The coffee was (and still is) extremely popular in Germany, and is J.J.Darboven’s flagship product. The 1930’s found the company expanding into catering, later into other countries and during the 60’s, television, with one of the earliest coffee commercials shown. During the last few decades, J.J.Darboven has grown to include the brands described below. The company is still run by a fourth generation Darboven.

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Check out the new ranges here.

Our 7 Best Spring Cleaning Tips from

2014_Coffee and flower with EBC logo

We ran across this piece of advice from a (very old) farmer’s almanac:

Love is the thing that enables a woman to sing while she mops up the floor after her husband has walked across it in his barn boots.

Enthusiastic about cleaning? Resigned to spring cleaning? Have no choice but to spring clean? Where ever you are, try these tips to make the process a little easier:

1. Use common household standards for cleaning rather than harsh chemicals. Baking soda scrubs without scratching, vinegar can clean most items, even coffee grounds (see below).

2. Keep your supplies in a convenient carrier that you can move easily from room to room.

3. Have upholstery and carpeting professionally cleaned rather than attempting to clean them yourself.

4. Open the windows to let in the fresh air.

5. Plan for easy meals for the days you will be busy with cleaning.

6. Use empty laundry baskets to pile in anything that you need others to sort through themselves. This is a good time to add a basket for items to be donated.

7. Set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes and focus on cleaning during that time. When the timer goes off, take a break, then set the timer again, and focus on cleaning for the time. Breaking the work up into small chunks makes it less intimidating.

Spring is also – that’s right, you guessed it – a good time to stock up on some new coffees for your pantry (after all, you’ll have plenty of room once you clean it out!). Let us help by offering you $5 off your order of $40 or more on*

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Drink Coffee In Style In Our Double-Walled Cups*

2015_Flash sale 30 and a cup with beans

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All Aboard For Jacobs Kronung Coffee!


Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

2016_Jacobs Kronung 2fer flash sale

We have 2-Packs of Jacobs Kronung ground coffee available for a special price in 17.6oz and 8.8oz sizes. For Wednesday only, buy a 2-pack in either size and we will add an extra package of Jacobs Kronung to your order at checkout at no extra charge.  No coupon code needed either.*

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Valentine’s Day European-Style from

2016_Valentines Day Hearts

The Feast of Saint Valentine (also called Saint Valentine’s Day or just Valentine’s Day) has its roots in the Catholic church. In fact, some believe that the holiday honors several saints named Valentinus. One such Valentinus was from Rome, where legend has it he performed weddings for soldiers. Because soldiers were not allowed to marry, he was imprisoned and sentenced to death by the Roman Empire. The story suggests the Saint wrote a letter signed “Your Valentine” as a farewell before he was executed. Interestingly, St. Valentine’s Day on February 14th is still an official feast day in the Anglican and Lutheran churches.

Since this day is celebrated on various dates in many parts of the world, you can guess that many European countries have their own special ways of celebrating the day of love. In western and central Europe, the day is celebrated much like it is in the US. Cards, gifts and chocolates are exchanged, sometimes at special meals. Here are some of the more special ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Europe:

Although started in Italy, the Saint Valentine’s key, a metal key charm given as a gift to one’s object of desire so they can “unlock the giver’s heart,” is popular in many countries. Don’t forget Valentine’s Day is the second-biggest card-sending occasion after Christmas.

In Italy, February 14th is completely for lovers. Cards, gifts and treats are only shared with your romantic love. In the old days, it was a custom that we have written about before, where unmarried girls wake up early that day and stand by the window to see the first man who walks by, and he would marry her within the year. A popular gift today is a chocolate-covered hazelnut that include a slip of paper with a romantic quote in 4 languages.

If you are in Denmark, you send pressed snowdrops to both friends and lovers. Danes also like to mail ‘joking letters’ that rhyme and are signed with dots in code. The recipient’s task is to crack the code and figure out who sent the letter.

In Scotland, it’s a festival, where single people get together and pair up by picking names out of a hat. Drinking and dancing ensue.

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Don’t Forget…

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