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A man from Austria opens a coffee roasting business in the heart of the Italian coffee shipping district. In 1892 Hermann Hausbrandt started his business as one of the first real artisan coffee roasters. He chose to build his enterprise in Trieste, a seaport in northeastern Italy and one of the most important ports during a remarkably prosperous time in European history.

Hausbrandt’s success grew from being able to produce, package and ship quickly the highest quality coffee while maintaining consistency and freshness, something that had not been done well up to this point. His company became the first to package coffee in sealed metal containers. Hausbrandt Trieste 1892 produces consistently fresh, aromatic and delicious coffee. We would expect no less from the company that first used electric roasters for their beans and marketed their own coffee cups back in the 1930’s. We like the fact that the same family line is still involved in the business today, still based in Italy and still committed to producing the highest quality coffee. The brand is available in more than 70 countries around the world.

We are so excited to announce that we now have the full range of Caffe Hausbrandt including several roasts available in ground and even more choices of whole beans. We even have 2 styles of Hausbrandt cups. Buy Hausbrandt at and we will take 10% off those products.*

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Not sure what to try from Caffe Hausbrandt?  We have a brief description of the coffees in the range here.

The Tastes and Flavors of Caffe Hausbrandt

We have several Hausbrandt roasts in ground: Moka is light and mildly sweet with a perfect grind for the moka pot; Espresso is 100% Arabica with a medium body; Gourmet is spicy, with citrus and slightly sweet notes; Gourmet Columbus is one of Hausbrandt’s premium blends, with a delicate and balanced flavor; Decaf has a mild flavor and aroma, and is ground for the moka pot.

Our whole bean selection appeals to a range of tastes. In addition to Gourmet Columbus, Gourmet and Espresso roasts, we have these other espresso variations: Trieste Espresso has a full-bodied taste, toasty aroma and cocoa and

anise to finish.

2015_Hausbrandt espresso2015_Hausbrandt Academia2015_Hausbrandt Venezia

2015_Hausbrandt Qualita Rossa2015_Hausbrandt Superbar2015_Hausbrandt Oro Casa

Academia Espresso is a single origin coffee, smooth flavor, fruity aroma and cocoa notes to finish.

Venezia Espresso has a rich and thick body.

Espresso Qualita Rossa is robust and earthly flavor with a good crema.

Espresso Superbar is full-bodied, slightly acidic.

We also have Oro Casa, a full-bodied coffee and a rounded taste and Gold, a blend that includes Robusta beans and has good body while being slightly acidic.

With all this choice, you will surely find the one that is perfect for your tastes!

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