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We are thrilled to announce we’ve made some changes to our site that will make it much easier to get the coffee you love to drink! If you haven’t been to our site lately, then you don’t know what you’re missing.


We know some of you found it difficult to get to the brand or coffee type pages when you selected from the home page, so we have changed that in a big way. Now the brand names, the types of coffee and tea, brand information, and company information drop down and across, remaining visible while you make your selections. In fact, those selections are links taking you to the page with that information. Even better, you can quickly find the coffee brands you love easily and quickly on the left menu, with an expandable list of Coffee By Brand. Just click on the plus sign for the drop-down menu of the groupings on the brand’s page. Want to see everything with one click? Select the brand or type and go directly there.


Another way to find the coffee you love – and perhaps even discover something new – is checking out Coffee By Type. From there, you will find different types of coffee – pods, capsules, whole bean, instant, to name a few, plus groupings of our brands by country, by organic and sustainable designations, alternatives to coffee, accessories, gift items, and chocolate and cocoa products, again, just to name a few!


Plus find all our teas from our home page menu, or scroll to the bottom of the left menu to see a separate set of links for our tea brands. You can always go back quickly to the top of our home page by using the up arrow displayed on the lower right side of the page.

Our goal is to make shopping at EnjoyBetterCoffee.com easier and more convenient. We welcome your feedback on the changes, so share your thoughts with us in your order comments, through email at support@enjoybettercoffee.com OR on our Facebook page.

In the meantime, be sure to order your favorites while checking out the new layout! We think you’ll find it easier to get around, plus, we will give you 15% off your order this week with no minimum required!*

Please Use Coupon Code: NEWEBC15

*Discount valid from 9/29/19 through 11:59PM ET on 10/1/19 at EnjoyBetterCoffee.com with no minimum order required. Not valid with other coupons or discounts, special sale or case sale products. Questions? Call us at 800.582.6617 Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM ET.

PS—Don’t forget to check out our Current Deals and Last Chance Sale links for even better deals on our great products. Be sure to read the fine print for any products on these pages.

Today Is International Coffee Day

International-coffee-day-banner-2019In the United States, International Coffee Day is September 29, 2019, celebrating coffee as the delicious beverage it is. In other parts of the world, National Coffee Day (as it is sometimes called) has most countries celebrating either today or October 1. In 2015, the International Coffee Organization officially designated the day, in Milan, Italy, as a way to promote fair trade coffee and raise awareness of the coffee growers and their challenges bringing their coffee to market. Prior to that, though, other National Coffee Days were marked in various countries. As far back as 1983, Japan began an annual day celebrating coffee; in the USA, it began in 2005, with other countries joining in with their own national day to celebrate this popular beverage. If you didn’t get a Coffee Day greeting card yet, consider this your first! Happy International Coffee Day! Use the discount above to celebrate with all your favorite brews. Don’t wait – this offer expires soon.

Coffee In The News

Most Americans Brew At Home

drip-coffeeResearch found that 89 percent of Americans make their coffee at home, noting that the convenience and cost-savings over a café pickup are fueling the numbers. Using data from 1000 people polled, there were a few other surprises. For instance, only 20 percent drink their coffee black. Two-thirds want to be able to recreate their favorite coffee shop drinks at home, but only one-third think they do it well (rating themselves an “A”). One last disclosure – almost two-thirds of respondents said making coffee was “therapeutic” for them. We say the discount above will help you with some in-home therapy, so order today!

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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Germany: Fundamental In Coffee’s History

Germany, much like Italy, has played a pivotal role in the history of coffee in Europe. From the opening of coffeehouses as early as the 1670’s in Hamburg and Bremen, two key shipping ports that ultimately brought coffee into Germany and eastern Europe, Germany took its place as a European coffee leader. With the spread of coffeehouses over the next 50 years, women would be found frequenting the café, and even more shockingly, meeting and chatting with other women out in the open. This was not happening in other countries, making Germany ahead of its time!


One of the country’s biggest contributions to the long history of coffee is the simple coffee filter. The disposable filter that keeps the grounds out of your cup and pot was created and sold by a German woman in the early 1900s. She loved drinking coffee but hated the mess of the grounds and cleaning up. As her son would say later, she hated grounds in her cup. One morning in frustration, she grabbed a piece of blotter paper from her son’s school book sitting on the table (because writing was done with nibs dipped in ink wells). Since making coffee in Turkish style was common, so were grounds in your cup. She strained the boiled coffee through the paper and an empire was born.

filter-closeShe tested the process with friends at coffee afternoons, and eventually, she had the product patented. In the early days, the business was run out of the family home, so her two sons delivered products while her husband performed demos on how to use the product. (He eventually outsourced that job to “demonstration ladies” employed for just that.) You may have already guessed that this woman was Melitta Bentz, from Dresden. Today the company employs more than 4000 people worldwide with revenue close to $2 billion USD.

This week, we’re spotlighting 2 of our iconic German coffee brands:


Even better, we’re making it easy for you to save 15% off of these brands with no minimum order required.*

Please Use Coupon Code: JCTC15

*Discount valid from 9/22/19 through 11:59PM ET on 9/24/19 at EnjoyBetterCoffee.com with no minimum order required for Jacobs and Tchibo products. Not valid with other coupons or discounts, special sale or case sale products. Questions? Call us at 800.582.6617 Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM ET.

Everything We Love From These Brands


Jacobs flagship coffee is Kronung, [“coronation” in German], and is widely known for its aromatic qualities, mellow flavor and reasonable price. We have several more options from Jacobs including Mild ground coffee and Balance ground coffee. Currently in stock is Jacobs Instant Cappuccino, which makes a fine, velvety cappuccino, so get it while we have it. Jacobs has several whole beans, including Espresso, a dark roast that produces a traditional espresso, Kronung, Crema, a medium roast, and Crema Intenso, a darker roast. We also have 4 instant coffees from Jacob, all easy, convenient, and best of all, tasty.

Tchibo is another top seller, and we offer several premium products. Try Tchibo Exclusive Ground coffee, great for stovetop Moka makers and espresso, also available in Instant. We have several other ground coffees from the Tchibo range: Feine Milde (fine and mild), Beste Bohne (100% Arabica), Gold Selection (aromatic, unique, medium blend), Family (full and strong), and the very special Brazil Mild (smooth Arabica, with hazelnut notes). Tchibo whole beans include Beste Bohne, and 2 espresso styles, Sicilia Style (dark and intense) and Milano Style (medium strength). We offer 2 instants also, Exclusive instant (medium) and Gold Selection instant (more intense). See…something for everyone!

Coffee In The News

GOffee Delivers To Your Desk

A local coffee chain in New York city that roasts and sources its own coffee has partnered with a coffee and tea delivery service. Workers whose employers use the beverage supplier GOffee can now order coffee delivered right to one’s desk. The eco-friendly service uses reusable cups to help the environment. You may have noticed that food and beverage companies are making more on-demand deliveries to where customers may be located (parks, beaches, sport fields, entertainment venues), and this service fills that niche.

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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Heritage Days In The Netherlands Celebrate Culture and History

Douwe Egberts has been based in the Netherlands for more than 265 years.

While there are always cultural and social happenings in The Netherlands, September brings the celebration of Heritage Days (Open Monumentendag, as the Dutch say). Since 1987, this annual event has always been held over the second weekend of September, where some 5000 historical buildings and sites open their doors to the public, usually free of charge. The event is part of the larger European Heritage Days, which aims to make European culture and heritage more accessible.


In the Netherlands, more than 80 percent of Dutch citizens participate. This year, organizers expect a million people to take part in the 1000+ events across the country. Local groups in each city and village host related exhibitions, music and tours. Each location offers unique aspects of historical culture. For instance, The Hague reflects the political center of the country; Maastricht shows off its medieval churches; Amsterdam has canal houses; Leiden’s theatres shine, and Gouda has a magnificent city hall. So many sites, so little time.

You can celebrate Dutch Heritage too with Douwe Egberts coffee. When you order Douwe Egberts products at EnjoyBetterCoffee.com, you will get 15% off, no minimum required.*

Please Use Coupon Code: IHEARTDE

*Discount valid from 9/15/19 through 11:59PM ET on 9/17/19 at EnjoyBetterCoffee.com with no minimum purchase required for Douwe Egberts products. Not valid with other coupons or discounts, special sale or case sale products. Questions? Call 800.582.6617 Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM ET.

Douwe Egberts Roasts Offer Range of Tastes

Ground Coffee


Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood, packaged in their signature red colors, is smooth, full, and balanced. Go lighter with Douwe Egberts Select Aroma ground coffee, a smooth coffee with fruity notes. Medium roast Douwe Egberts Excellent Aroma is full-bodied and smooth. Douwe Egberts Black in ground is strong and rich, and one of the most popular Douwe Egberts coffees. Mocca Aroma coffee, a medium to dark roast, is spicy and rich.

Whole Beans

DE-WB-Variety-Advert-NLWe have Douwe Egberts whole beans in a variety of roasts, including Aroma Rood (the most popular roast), Excellent Aroma and Mocca Aroma. All our Douwe Egberts whole beans are packaged in 17.6oz/500g size packs at prices that can’t be beat! If you can’t decide among those choices, try the Whole Beans Variety Package, which has all 3 roasts, plus a coffee scoop. Whole beans make a difference!

PS: When you make your coffee by starting with whole beans, you get a cup of coffee with the freshest taste and a wonderful aroma.

Treat The Beans With Care

The biggest threats to the taste and freshness of coffee beans are air, moisture and time. In a perfect world, coffee would be ground, brewed and drunk immediately. When you buy fresh beans, you should try to use them within 2 weeks. Store them in the bag in which they come, grind them as you need them. Seal the bag with tape or a strong clip after forcing out as much air as possible. You can also store them in an air-tight canister, but make sure the container does not allow light to get in. We do not recommend storing beans (or ground coffee, for that matter) in the freezer or refrigerator. When the coffee is moved in and out of the cold, condensation forms on the coffee. That moisture will then refreeze and thaw each and every time you move it from the cold to the ambient room temperature. This will quickly deplete the flavorful oils of the coffee, making your coffee taste flat. Life’s too short for bad coffee.

The Netherlands In The News

Budweiser Now Available in Netherlands

budThe American “King of Beers” is taking the show on the road to become available in pubs and restaurants in the country. Very soon, the beer will also be available in grocery stores. Economists predict an uphill battle for the beer brand, as it is not a well-known brand. In addition, the current market trend in the country is towards specialty, artisanal and local beers.

Advice: Repair Your Coffee Machine, Don’t Replace It

Launching last week, an ad campaign is running in the Netherlands to encourage people to repair broken household good and torn clothing. The promotional campaign, running on television, the internet and radio, is the work of an industry foundation that produces ads that encourage societal improvements. The foundation estimates that people throw away 40 pounds of electric equipment every year. Their website will have tips about repairing common items and offer advice on the mending.

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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Italian Espresso and More Reasons To Love Coffee

If French is the language of love, then Italian is the language of coffee! The reason? Espresso, born in Italy, is the basis of all Italian-named coffee drinks. From cappuccino to macchiato to latte, they all start with espresso! Let’s take a look at this key component of Italian coffee.
Espresso is a very concentrated shot of coffee that results from forcing nearly-boiling water through finely ground coffee. Early espresso machines used steam pressure to force the water through the grounds. Today there are many different methods of extracting espresso, from manual and automatic machines to stovetop espresso makers.

esp-dripAs the water blasts through the coffee, all the flavor, oils, sugars and proteins are released and dissolved in the liquid. The resulting mixture, while small in volume, is slightly thick, with a very strong, rich flavor. Gently resting on top is the crema (foam), which many experts say indicates the quality of the espresso. Traditionally, espresso is served in a small, porcelain cup, alone or with any number of add-ins and toppings: cream, liquor, warm milk, chocolate – the list is long, just pick your favorite. The extracted shot can also be used in many other coffee drinks, as mentioned above.

We have a huge selection of espresso beans, ground espresso and even decaffeinated espresso. And, we have these Italian coffees in roasts that can prepared in a regular coffee maker. The options are endless! Even better, our prices make it easy to espresso yourself!

This week, order from our selection of coffees from specialty brands Kimbo, Lavazza and Hausbrandt and we will give you 15% off your order, no minimum purchase required at EnjoyBetterCoffee.com.*

Please Use Coupon Code: ITALY15

Discount valid from 09/08/19 through 11:59PM ET on 09/10/19 at EnjoyBetterCoffee.com with no minimum order required for the following brands only: Lavazza, Kimbo, and Hausbrandt. Not valid with other coupons or discounts, special sale or case sale products. Questions? Call us at 800.582.6617 Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM ET.

Italian Espresso

esp-socialize-wpEspresso became popular in the first half of the 20th century in Italy with the development of machines specially built to make coffee. Espresso bars became a place to meet and socialize.


Kimbo-Vesuvius-Small-Advert-CropOur range of premium espresso options include one of our favorite brands, Kimbo, based in Naples since its inception. Try Kimbo Macinato Fresco, a medium roast, full flavored, with sweet notes. Kimbo produces several roasts in whole bean: Premium Espresso Bar (dark, intense); Extra Cream Espresso (medium roast, full flavor); Superior Blend (light roast, medium body, sweet notes); and, Espresso Napoletano (medium/dark roast, rich).


LV-Wimbeldon-bLegendary Italian brand, Lavazza, is “The coffee of Wimbledon.” Lavazza early on started artistically blending beans of different origins to create new coffee flavors. Try any of our Lavazza range, starting with these two favorites: Qualita Rossa, available in ground and whole bean, is a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans, medium roast, good for any time. Qualita Oro, made from 100% Arabica beans, is full-bodied, with a good crema, and available in ground and whole beans. See all our Lavazza products on their brand’s page.


Hausbrandt-Beans-NLTrieste, the Italian port city where coffee first made its way into Europe, is home to Caffe Hausbrandt. We recommend any of their beans: Classic Espresso, which is 100% Arabica with a medium body; Gourmet is spicy, with citrus and slightly sweet notes; Gourmet Columbus is one of Hausbrandt’s premium blends, with a delicate and balanced flavor. Trieste Espresso is full-bodied, with a toasty aroma, and notes of baked goods, cocoa and anise. H. Hausbrandt whole beans, a little sweet, and a little spicy, medium roast, with nut and cocoa notes. Check out the Hausbrandt page for additional available roasts.

Recipe: Espresso Martini

If you have never had an espresso martini, you don’t know what you are missing! Here is the classic recipe created when a model came into a London brasserie and asked for a stiff drink that would wake her up.

coffee-martini-2019• 2 parts vodka
• 1 part Kahlua (coffee liqueur)
• 1 part fresh espresso
• ½ part simple syrup (or to taste)
• 3 coffee beans to garnish

1. Mix all the ingredients except the beans in a shaker full of ice and shake hard for 30 seconds.

2. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with the beans centered on the froth.

As always, enjoy better coffee and thanks from the EnjoyBetterCoffee Team!

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