Jacobs Coffee: Each Cup is Pleasure

2015_Jacobs Cup and steam
Jacobs (pronounced yah-kuhbz) is a German coffee producer and one of the first commercial coffee roasters. Company founder Johann Jacobs spent decades honing his roasting methods with the benefit of his exceptional sense of taste. Not surprisingly, Jacobs coffee has a wonderful aroma and flavor. Today, Jacobs is available around the world and remains the best-selling brand in Germany.

Jacobs’ leading premium coffee is Krõnung, which means coronation in German. It is known for its aromatic qualities. Many folks discover it while visiting or living in Germany, then must have it back in America. Jacobs consistently gets high marks in online reviews for its taste, described as smooth and mellow, and the aroma, which is rich and full. Even better is the price. This premium coffee is priced so economically, you can drink it every day!

We have Jacobs coffee in ground, whole beans and instant. Krönung (labeled as Monarch in some countries), also comes in a half-caffeine version called Balance. For a quick coffee break during the day, we suggest their gourmet instant coffees Krönung or Cronat Gold.

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